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Arriva in Kent and Surrey

Guildford town centre to Royal Surrey County Hospital

via The Chase

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Service Overview

Revised times from 24th February 2019

We will be making minor changes to the timings of this service to improve reliability. You can view the new timetable here.

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Service Details

Route Map

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Guildford Friary Bus Station09:2209:5210:12Then
Guildford Railway Station09:2509:5510:1535551516:5517:1517:3517:55
Guildford Station09:2609:5610:1636561616:5617:1617:3617:56
Guildford Park Avenue09:2609:5610:1636561616:5617:1617:3617:56
Guildford Park The Astolat09:2709:5710:1737571716:5717:1717:3717:57
Dennisville The Oval09:2809:5810:1838581816:5817:1817:3817:58
Dennisville The Chase09:2909:5910:1939591916:5917:1917:3917:59
Guildford Tesco09:3110:0110:2141012117:0117:2117:4118:01
Guildford Royal Surrey Hospital09:3310:0310:2343032317:0317:2317:4318:03
Guildford Tesco09:3410:0410:2444042417:0417:2417:4418:04
Dennisville The Chase09:3610:0610:2646062617:0617:2617:4618:06
Dennisville The Oval09:3610:0610:2646062617:0617:2617:4618:06
Guildford Park The Astolat09:3710:0710:2747072717:0717:2717:4718:07
Guildford Park Avenue09:3810:0810:2848082817:0817:2817:4818:08
Guildford Station09:3910:0910:2949092917:0917:2917:4918:09
Guildford Railway Station09:3910:0910:2949092917:0917:2917:4918:09
Guildford Friary Bus Station--10:13----------------
Guildford Friary Bus Station09:43--10:3353133317:1317:3317:5318:13

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