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Arriva in Kent and Surrey

Maidstone Hospital to Maidstone Town Centre

via Barming Heath, Beverley Road and Fant

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Service Overview

Revised times from 8th July 2018

We will be making changes to our services in the Maidstone and Malling area from 8th July. You can see more details here.

The times of Service 8 will be revised to run on an hourly frequency.

In Maidstone Bus Station Service 8 buses will depart from Stop H3 instead of from the bus stop in King Street outside Boots.

Download and print our Service 8 timetable leaflet

You can download here our Service 8 timetable leaflet in PDF format. You can then print the complete booklet or just the pages you require.


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Service Details

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Route Map

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Barming Heath Maidstone Hospital08:3508:3508:5508:5509:2110:21Then
Barming Heath Oakapple Lane08:3708:3708:5608:5609:2210:222213:2214:2214:22
Barming Heath Heath Grove08:3808:3808:5808:5809:2310:232313:2314:2314:23
Barming Heath Long Rede Lane08:3908:3908:5908:5909:2410:242413:2414:2414:24
Barming Banky Meadow08:4008:4008:5908:5909:2410:242413:2414:2414:24
Barming Beverley Road Shops08:4208:4209:0109:0109:2610:262613:2614:2614:26
Barming Beverley Road08:4308:4309:0209:0209:2710:272713:2714:2714:27
Barming Fountain Lane08:4408:4409:0309:0309:2710:272713:2714:2714:27
Maidstone Terminus Road08:4608:4609:0409:0409:2910:292913:2914:2914:29
Maidstone Ridgway08:4708:4709:0509:0509:3010:303013:3014:3014:30
Maidstone Gatland Lane08:4808:4809:0609:0609:3110:313113:3114:3114:31
Maidstone Milton Street08:4908:4909:0709:0709:3210:323213:3214:3214:32
Upper Fant Unicumes Lane08:4908:4909:0809:0809:3210:323213:3214:3214:32
Upper Fant Whitmore Street08:5108:5109:0909:0909:3310:333313:3314:3314:33
Upper Fant Road08:5208:5209:1009:1009:3410:343413:3414:3414:34
Upper Fant St Michael's Road08:5308:5309:1109:1109:3510:353513:3514:3514:35
Maidstone St Michael's Junior School08:5408:5409:1209:1209:3610:363613:3614:3614:36
Maidstone Charles Street08:5608:5609:1409:1409:3810:383813:3814:3814:38
Maidstone Rowland Close08:5708:5709:1409:1409:3810:383813:3814:3814:38
Maidstone Rocky Hill08:5908:5909:1609:1609:4010:404013:4014:4014:40
Maidstone The Cannon09:0209:0209:1909:1909:4310:434313:4314:4314:43
Maidstone Mill Street--------09:4410:444413:4414:4414:44
Maidstone Chequers Bus Station--------09:4710:474713:4714:4714:47
Maidstone King Street09:0509:0509:2209:22------------

1Term Time Only 2Only During School Holidays

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