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Arriva in Kent and Surrey

Strood estates to Rochester schools

via Marlowe Park, Earl Estate, Salters Cross, Strood and Rochester

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Route Map

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Strood Darnley Arch07:22
Earl Estate Maple Road Bottom07:23
Marlowe Park Maple Road Top07:25
Marlowe Park Cedar Children's Academy07:26
Marlowe Park Holly Road07:27
Marlowe Park Lilac Crescent07:28
Marlowe Park Glamford Road07:29
Marlowe Park Medical Centre07:31
Marlowe Park Chelmsford Road07:32
Marlowe Park Southwark Road07:33
Marlowe Park Bligh Way07:34
Earl Estate Scholars Rise07:35
Earl Estate Albatross Avenue07:35
Earl Estate Bligh Way Shops07:37
Earl Estate Stangate Road07:38
Earl Estate Salters Cross07:41
Earl Estate Lancelot Avenue07:42
Earl Estate Chapter Road07:44
Strood Sports Centre07:45
Strood Downside07:47
Strood St Nicholas Church07:48
Strood Canal Road07:51
Rochester Guildhall Museum07:52
Rochester Railway Station07:53
Rochester Community Hub07:54
Rochester East Row07:55
Rochester Watts Avenue07:57
Rochester Longley Road07:58
Rochester St Margaret's Cemetery07:59
Rochester Warden Road08:00
Rochester Priestfields08:00
Rochester Grammar Schools08:02
Rochester Hawser Road08:03
Warren Wood Primary Academy08:07

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