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Arriva in Kent and Surrey
658, 659

Gillingham to Rochester schools

Via Rainham, Parkwood, Hempstead Valley, Luton, Lords Wood and Walderslade

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Route Map

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Lordswood The Kestrel Shopping Centre--07:19
Lordswood Albemarle Road--07:21
Lordswood Abinger Drive--07:22
Lordswood Mayford Road--07:23
Lordswood Arundel Close--07:25
Walderslade Birch Drive--07:28
Walderslade Timber Tops--07:30
Walderslade Autumn Glade--07:31
Walderslade Golden Wood Close--07:31
Lordswood Copper Tree Walk--07:32
Lordswood Lords Wood Close--07:34
Lordswood Victoria Cross--07:36
Lordswood Ballens Road--07:38
Walderslade Scotby Avenue--07:40
Gillingham Bus Depot06:52--
Gillingham St Barnabas Church06:52--
Gillingham Napier Road06:53--
Gillingham Park06:53--
Gillingham Jezreels Canterbury Street06:54--
Gillingham Jezreels06:54--
Darland Barnsole Road06:55--
Darland Woodlands Road South end06:56--
Gillingham Featherby Road South06:57--
Gillingham Eastcourt Lane06:58--
Rainham Tesco06:59--
Rainham Caldew Avenue06:59--
Rainham Pump Lane07:00--
Rainham Bloors Lane07:01--
Rainham Manor Farm PH07:02--
Rainham Broadview Shops07:04--
Rainham Highfield Road07:04--
Rainham Lyndhurst Road07:05--
Parkwood Deanwood Drive Top07:07--
Parkwood Campleshon Road07:08--
Parkwood Shopping Centre07:10--
Parkwood Lovelace Close07:10--
Parkwood Nares Road07:10--
Parkwood St Augustine School07:11--
Parkwood Hawbeck Road07:12--
Parkwood Deanwood Drive bottom07:12--
Wigmore Fowler Close07:14--
Wigmore Kenyon Walk07:15--
Hempstead Valley Shopping Centre07:19--
Hempstead Kingsdown Close07:21--
Hempstead Hickory Dell07:22--
Hempstead Road North07:23--
Hempstead Flying Saucer07:23--
Hempstead Post Office07:24--
Hempstead Shepherds Gate07:24--
Hempstead Greenfinches07:25--
Hempstead Dukes Meadow Drive07:26--
Luton Waggon at Hale07:29--
Luton Recreation Ground07:30--
Luton North Dane Way07:31--
Lordswood North Dane Way07:32--
Princes Park Kingfisher Drive07:33--
Princes Park Swift Crescent07:34--
Princes Park Morrisons07:36--
Princes Park Maundene School07:37--
Walderslade Downland Walk07:38--
Walderslade Peacock Rise07:3907:40
Walderslade Kenwood Avenue07:4007:42
Walderslade Princes Avenue07:4107:44
Walderslade Sussex Drive07:4307:46
Walderslade Weeds Wood Road junction07:4407:48
Walderslade Poachers Pocket07:4607:50
Walderslade Snodhurst Avenue07:4707:51
Walderslade Snodhurst Bottom07:4907:53
Chatham Magpie Hall Road Top07:5007:54
Chatham Huntsmans Corner07:5207:56
Chatham Wallace Road07:5207:56
Chatham The Ridgeway07:5307:57
Rochester Horsted Way--07:58
Rochester Horsted Way--07:59
Rochester Cloisterham Road07:55--
Warren Wood Arethusa Road07:5708:01
Warren Wood Primary Academy--08:02
Warren Wood The Thomas Aveling School07:5808:02
Warren Wood Binnacle Road07:5908:04
Rochester The Tideway08:0108:05
Rochester Hawser Road08:0208:06
Rochester Grammar Schools08:0408:08
Rochester Breton Road08:07--

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