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Arriva in Kent and Surrey

Dartford to St George's School

via Stone and Ebbsfleet Academy

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Route Map

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Swanscombe Ebbsfleet Academy14:0914:1015:3915:40
Swanscombe Methodist Church14:1114:1215:4115:42
Swanscombe Railway Station14:1114:1215:4115:42
Swanscombe George and Dragon14:1114:1215:4115:42
Greenhithe Craylands Lane14:1314:1415:4315:44
Greenhithe Knockhall Road14:1314:1415:4315:44
Greenhithe The Avenue14:1514:1615:4515:46
Stone Waterstone Park14:1614:1715:4615:47
Stone Winston Close14:1714:1815:4715:48
Horns Cross The Bull14:1814:1915:4815:49
Horns Cross Elm Road14:1914:2015:4915:50
Dartford Welsh Tavern14:2114:2215:5115:52
Dartford The Brent School14:2114:2215:5115:52
Dartford The Brent School14:2214:2315:5215:53
Dartford Milestone Road14:2214:2315:5215:53
Dartford Brentfield Road--14:28--15:58
Temple Hill Morris Gardens--14:30--16:00
Temple Hill Bridges Drive--14:31--16:01
Temple Hill Cavell Crescent--14:32--16:02
Temple Hill Chaucer Way--14:32--16:02
Temple Hill Temple Belle Tesco--14:32--16:02
Temple Hill Wellcome Avenue--14:34--16:04
Temple Hill Square--14:35--16:05
Dartford St Vincents Road14:25--15:55--
Dartford Park Road14:25--15:55--
Dartford Livingstone Hospital14:27--15:57--
Dartford High Street14:29--15:59--
Dartford Market Street14:29--15:59--

1Runs Fridays only 2Term Time Only 3Doesn't run on Fridays