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Arriva in Kent and Surrey

New Ash Green to Gravesend

via Longfield, Southfleet and Pepper Hill. For additional buses between Longfield and New Ash Green please see timetable for Services 423 and 433.

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Route Map

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Gravesend Clock Tower Harmer Street--08:3010:4012:1013:4016:0017:30
Gravesend King Street--08:3010:4012:1013:4016:0017:30
Gravesend Railway Station06:5508:3210:4212:1213:4216:0217:32
Gravesend Pelham Road Medical Centre06:5708:3410:4412:1413:4416:0417:34
Northfleet Lennox Road East06:5708:3410:4412:1413:4416:0417:34
Northfleet Pelham Road Shops06:5808:3510:4512:1513:4516:0517:35
Perry Street The Rose06:5908:3610:4612:1613:4616:0617:36
Perry Street All Saints Church07:0008:3710:4712:1713:4716:0717:37
Northfleet Cygnet Leisure Centre07:0108:3810:4812:1813:4816:0817:38
Northfleet School for Girls07:0408:4110:5112:2113:5116:1117:41
Northfleet Hall Road07:0508:4210:5212:2213:5216:1217:42
Northfleet Garden Centre07:0608:4410:5412:2413:5416:1417:44
Southfleet Station Road07:0708:4510:5512:2513:5516:1517:45
Southfleet The Ship07:0908:4810:5812:2813:5816:1817:48
Southfleet Red Street Garage07:0908:4810:5812:2813:5816:1817:48
Southfleet Duck Pond07:1108:5011:0012:3014:0016:2017:50
Southfleet Red Street07:1108:5011:0012:3014:0016:2017:50
New Barn Ridgewood07:1408:5411:0412:3414:0416:2417:54
New Barn Longfield Avenue07:1508:5511:0512:3514:0516:2517:55
New Barn Fairlight Cross07:1508:5511:0512:3514:0516:2517:55
Longfield New Barn Road07:1608:5611:0612:3614:0616:2617:56
Longfield Langafel School07:1708:5711:0712:3714:0716:2717:57
Longfield Brickfield Farm Close07:1808:5811:0812:3814:0816:2817:58
Longfield St Marys Way07:1908:5911:0912:3914:0916:2917:59
Longfield Church07:1908:5911:0912:3914:0916:2917:59
Longfield Essex Road07:2009:0011:1012:4014:1016:3018:00
Longfield Railway Station07:2109:0111:1112:4114:1116:3118:01
Hartley Larks Field07:2309:0311:1312:4314:1316:3318:03
Hartley Green Way07:2409:0411:1412:4414:1416:3418:04
Hartley All Saints Church Centre07:2509:0511:1512:4514:1516:3518:05
Hartley The Black Lion07:2709:0711:1712:4714:1716:3718:07
New Ash Green Penenden07:2809:0811:1812:4814:1816:3818:08
New Ash Green North Square07:3009:1011:2012:5014:2016:4018:10
New Ash Green Foxbury07:3009:1011:2012:5014:2016:4018:10
New Ash Green Lambardes07:3109:1111:2112:5114:2116:4118:11
New Ash Green Spring Cross07:3209:1211:2212:5214:2216:4218:12
New Ash Green Redhill Wood07:3309:1311:2312:5314:2316:4318:13

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Kent school term and school holiday dates 2019/2020

Term or holiday name First day Last day Bus service provision
Spring Term 2020 pt 2 23 February 2020 1 April 2020 Term time
Easter holiday 2 April 2020 15 April 2020 School holiday
Summer Term 2020 pt 1 16 April 2020 23 May 2020 Term time
Half Term holiday 24 May 2020 30 May 2020 School holiday
Summer Term 2020 pt 2 31 May 2020 22 July 2020 Term Time