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Arriva in Kent and Surrey

Bluewater to Riverview Park

via Swanscombe, Castle Hill, Ebbsfleet International Station, Waterdales, Painters Ash, Coldharbour, Perry Street, Gravesend, Milton, Denton, Chalk and Westcourt.

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Service Overview

Some bus times in the Dartford, Gravesend and Swanley area are changing from 2nd September.

We will be making a number of changes to the times of Services 306/308, 414, 423, 424, 477, 481, 483, 489 and Fastrack B. You can see full details here.

Download and print our Service 481/483 timetable leaflet

You can download here our Service 481/483 timetable leaflet in PDF format. You can then print the complete booklet or just the pages you require. 

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Service Details

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Route Map

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Riverview Park Cascades Leisure Centre--09:5510:55Then
Riverview Park Imperial Drive--09:5610:565616:5617:56
Riverview Park Vanessa Walk--09:5710:575716:5717:57
Riverview Park The Gravesend Boat--09:5810:585816:5817:58
Gravesend The Rise--09:5910:595916:5917:59
Gravesend St Francis Avenue--09:5910:595916:5917:59
Gravesend St Margaret's Crescent--10:0011:000017:0018:00
Westcourt St Dunstan's Drive--10:0111:010117:0118:01
Westcourt St Gregory's Crescent--10:0211:020217:0218:02
Westcourt Bourne Road--10:0211:020217:0218:02
Westcourt Forge Lane--10:0311:030317:0318:03
Denton Lion Garage--10:0411:040417:0418:04
Denton Abbey Road--10:0511:050517:0518:05
Denton St John's School--10:0611:060617:0618:06
Milton Church Walk--10:0711:070717:0718:07
Milton Albion Road--10:0811:080817:0818:08
Gravesend Clock Tower--10:1011:101017:1018:10
Gravesend King Street--10:1011:101017:1018:10
Gravesend Railway Station09:1310:1311:131317:1318:12
Gravesend Pelham Road Medical Centre09:1510:1511:151517:15--
Northfleet Lennox Road East09:1610:1611:161617:16--
Northfleet Pelham Road Shops09:1710:1711:171717:17--
Perry Street The Rose09:1810:1811:181817:18--
Perry Street All Saints Church09:1910:1911:191917:19--
Northfleet Library09:2010:2011:202017:20--
Northfleet Riversdale09:2110:2111:212117:21--
Northfleet Tensing Avenue09:2210:2211:222217:22--
Northfleet Constable Road09:2210:2211:222217:22--
Northfleet The Painters Ash09:2410:2411:242417:24--
Northfleet Painters Ash Lane09:2510:2511:252517:25--
Northfleet School for Girls09:2610:2611:262617:26--
Northfleet Colyer Road09:2610:2611:262617:26--
Northfleet Mitchell Avenue09:2710:2711:272717:27--
Northfleet Gwynn Road09:2910:2911:292917:29--
Northfleet Orchard Road09:2910:2911:292917:29--
Northfleet Springhead Enterprise Park09:2910:2911:292917:29--
Northfleet Springhead Road09:2910:3011:303017:30--
Ebbsfleet International Railway Station09:3310:3311:333317:33--
Swanscombe The Sun09:3910:3911:393917:39--
Swanscombe Church09:4010:4011:404017:40--
Swanscombe Bodle Avenue09:4010:4011:404017:40--
Swanscombe Bushfield Walk09:4110:4111:414117:41--
Swanscombe Childs Crescent09:4110:4111:414117:41--
Greenhithe Johnsons Way09:4310:4311:434317:43--
Greenhithe Bean Road09:4410:4411:444417:44--
Bluewater Bus Station09:4710:4711:474717:47--

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