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Arriva in Kent and Surrey

Sevenoaks to Kemsing

via Seal

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Service Overview

Service replaced by new Service 2 from 12th March 2018

The existing Service 452 will be replaced by new Service 2 that will be run by brand-new minibuses. The route will stay largely the same but, in Sevenoaks, all journeys will run via Sevenoaks Station. You can see the timetable for new Service 2 here.

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Service Details

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Route Map

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Sevenoaks Bus Station08:5909:5910:5911:5912:5914:5915:59
Sevenoaks Lower High Street09:0010:0011:0012:0013:0015:0016:00
Sevenoaks The Vine09:0010:0011:0012:0013:0015:0016:00
Sevenoaks Egdean Walk09:0210:0211:0212:0213:0215:0216:02
St John's Hill09:0210:0211:0212:0213:0215:0216:02
Bat & Ball The Castle09:0410:0411:0412:0413:0415:0416:04
Bat & Ball St Johns Hill Hospital09:0410:0411:0412:0413:0415:0416:04
Bat & Ball Sevenoaks Hospital09:0510:0511:0512:0513:0515:0516:05
Greatness Queen's Drive09:0610:0611:0612:0613:0615:0616:06
Greatness Weavers Lane09:0710:0711:0712:0713:0715:0716:07
Greatness Recreation Ground09:0710:0711:0712:0713:0715:0716:07
Greatness Seal Cemetery09:0810:0811:0812:0813:0815:0816:08
Seal Dorton House09:1010:1011:1012:1013:1015:1016:10
Seal School09:1210:1211:1212:1213:1215:1216:12
Seal Zambra Way09:1210:1211:1212:1213:1215:1216:12
Seal Bentleys Meadow09:1310:1311:1312:1313:1315:1316:13
Childsbridge Farm Place09:1410:1411:1412:1413:1415:1416:14
Childsbridge Castle Drive09:1510:1511:1512:1513:1515:1516:15
Kemsing Oxenhill Road09:1610:1611:1612:1613:1615:1616:16
Childsbridge Springhead Road09:1910:1911:1912:1913:1915:1916:19
Kemsing The Landway09:2010:2011:2012:2013:2015:2016:20
Kemsing Post Office09:2010:2011:2012:2013:2015:2016:20
Noah's Ark Greenlands Road09:2210:2211:2212:2213:2215:2216:22

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