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Arriva in Kent and Surrey

Manor Park to University of Surrey

via Surrey Sports Park

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Route Map

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Guildford Friary Bus Station01:0402:0403:04
Guildford Railway Station01:0602:0603:06
Guildford Station01:0702:0703:07
Guildford University of Surrey Duke of Kent Building01:1002:1003:10
Guildford University of Surrey AX Building01:1002:1003:10
Guildford University of Surrey Senate Square01:1102:1103:11
Guildford Austin Pearce01:1202:1203:12
Guildford University of Surrey Twyford Court01:1202:1203:12
Guildford Tesco01:1502:1503:15
Guildford Nursery01:1602:1603:16
Guildford Surrey Sports Park01:1702:1703:17
Guildford Francis Crick Road01:1902:1903:19
Guildford Gill Avenue01:2002:2003:20
Guildford Royal Surrey Hospital01:2302:2303:23
Guildford Egerton Road01:2402:2403:24
Park Barn Bargate Court01:2602:2603:26
Park Barn Clover Road01:2602:2603:26
Park Barn Rye Close01:2702:2703:27
Rydeshill Broadacres01:2702:2703:27
Rydeshill Peterborough Road01:2702:2703:27
Stoughton Rydes Hill Common01:2802:2803:28
Stoughton Byrefield Road01:2902:2903:29
Stoughton Bryanstone Avenue01:2902:2903:29
Stoughton Rosemary Crescent01:3002:3003:30
Pitch Place Tarragon Court01:3102:3103:31
Pitch Place Hamilton Drive01:3202:3203:32
Stringers Common Escombe Drive01:3202:3203:32
Stringers Common Mansel Close01:3302:3303:33
Queen Elizabeth Park Burden Way Shops01:3402:3403:34
Queen Elizabeth Park Robin Way01:3402:3403:34
Queen Elizabeth Park Railton Road01:3502:3503:35
Stoughton Grange Close01:3502:3503:35
Stoughton Road Junction01:3702:3703:37
Stoughton Ardmore Avenue01:3802:3803:38
Woodbridge Hill Weston Road01:3902:3903:39
Guildford Woodbridge Meadows01:4002:4003:40
Guildford Woodbridge Retail Park01:4102:4103:41
Guildford Cricket Ground01:4202:4203:42
Guildford Police Station01:4302:4303:43
Guildford Friary Bus Station01:4502:4503:45

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