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Arriva in Kent and Surrey

Sheerness to Warden Point

via Minster, Sheppey Hospital, Thistle Hill, Brambledown, Eastchurch Prisons and Eastchurch

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Service Overview

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Revised times for Arriva buses in Faversham, Sittingbourne and the Isle of Sheppey from 22nd December 2019

We will be making changes to most of our services in the Swale area. You can see full details here.


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Service Details

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Route Map

View all stops3673673673671 3672 367
Sheerness Tesco08:5111:1513:0514:5815:2517:25
Sheerness Railway Station08:5211:1613:0614:5915:2617:26
Sheerness Aldi08:5211:1613:0615:0115:2617:26
Sheerness High Street East End08:5211:1713:0715:0415:2717:27
Sheerness Clock Tower08:5311:1813:0815:0515:2817:28
Sheerness Catholic Church08:5311:1913:0915:0815:2917:29
Marine Town Invicta Road08:5311:1913:0915:1015:2917:29
Marine Town Richmond Street08:5411:2013:1015:1215:3017:30
Sheerness Oasis Academy Isle of Sheppey West------15:15----
Marine Town Richmond Street------15:15----
Sheerness Holiday Village------15:18----
Halfway Power Station Road------15:19----
Halfway Danley Road------15:20----
The Halfway House------15:21----
Halfway The Heritage------15:21----
Halfway Banner Way------15:22----
Minster Oasis Academy Isle of Sheppey East Grounds------15:24----
Minster Scrapsgate Road------15:25----
Minster Barton Hill Drive------15:25----
Minster Harps Inn------15:27----
Minster Harps Avenue------15:30----
Thistle Hill Heron Drive------15:31----
Thistle Hill Mistletoe Drive------15:32----
Thistle Hill Nettle Way------15:32----
Marine Town Yacht Club08:5411:2113:11--15:3117:31
Marine Town The Ship On Shore08:5511:2213:12--15:3217:32
Marine Town Barton's Point08:5511:2213:12--15:3217:32
Minster The White House--11:2413:14------
Minster Beach--11:2613:16------
Minster The White House08:56------15:3417:34
Minster The Abbey Hotel08:57------15:3417:34
Minster Wards Hill Road Bottom08:57------15:3517:35
Minster Drive08:5811:3013:20--15:3617:36
Minster Seaside Avenue08:5811:3013:20--15:3617:36
Minster Highview Road08:5911:3113:21--15:3717:37
Minster Queens Road Co-Op09:0011:3213:22--15:3817:38
Minster Baldwin Road09:0111:3313:23--15:3917:39
Minster Scocles Road Top09:0211:3413:24--15:4017:40
Minster Back Lane09:0211:3413:24--15:4017:40
Minster Primary School09:0211:3413:24--15:4017:40
Minster Library09:0311:3513:25--15:4117:41
Minster Harps Inn09:0511:3713:27--15:4317:43
Minster Sanspareil Avenue09:0611:3813:28--15:4417:44
Minster Sheppey Hospital09:0711:3913:29--15:4517:45
Minster Sheppey Hospital09:0811:4013:3015:3415:4617:46
Minster Sheppey Hospital09:0811:4013:3015:3415:4617:46
Minster Barton Hill Top09:0811:4013:3015:3415:4617:46
Minster Lovell Road09:0911:4113:3115:3515:4717:47
Minster Barton Hill Drive south end09:0911:4113:3115:3515:4717:47
Minster Thistle Hill Way09:1111:4313:3315:3715:4917:49
Minster Scocles Road09:1111:4413:3415:3815:4917:49
Brambledown Glen Haven09:1411:4713:3715:4115:5217:52
Eastchurch White Post Corner09:1511:4913:3915:4315:5417:54
Eastchurch Prisons Fire Station--11:5213:42------
Eastchurch Prisons HMP Elmley--11:5413:44------
Eastchurch Prisons HMP Swaleside and Standford Hill--11:5713:47------
Eastchurch Prisons Fire Station--11:5813:48------
Eastchurch Prisons Fire Station09:17----15:4615:5717:57
Eastchurch Church09:2012:0213:5215:4916:0018:08
Eastchurch First Avenue09:2012:0313:5315:5016:0118:09
Warden Fourth Avenue09:2212:0513:5515:5316:0318:11
Warden Fletcher Battery09:2212:0613:5615:5416:0418:11
Warden The Wheatsheaf09:2312:0813:5815:5616:0618:13
Warden Point09:2512:1014:0015:5916:0818:15

1Term Time Only 2Only During School Holidays

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