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Sheerness to Queensway

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School term and school holiday dates

Buses shown as running during school terms only or during school holidays only will run in accordance with the school term calendar set by Kent County Council.

Please see the bottom of this page for the dates that will apply during the months ahead.

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Route Map

View all stops3611 3612 3611 3612 3611 3612 3611 3612 3611 3612 3611 3612 3611 3612 3611 3612 3612 3611 3612 3611 3612 3611
Minster Oasis Academy Isle of Sheppey East------------Then
Halfway Banner Way------------------------------15:10------------
Halfway The Heritage------------------------------15:12------------
The Halfway House------------------------------15:13------------
Halfway Danley Road------------------------------15:13------------
Halfway Power Station Road------------------------------15:13------------
Sheerness Holiday Village------------------------------15:15------------
Sheerness Coronation Road------------------------------15:16------------
Sheerness Fire Station------------------------------15:17------------
Sheerness First Avenue------------------------------15:18------------
Sheerness Wheatsheaf Gardens------------------------------15:18------------
West Minster Medway Road------------------------------15:20------------
West Minster Dorset Road------------------------------15:21------------
West Minster Queensway07:4808:3808:3809:2709:2709:5757171737375714:3714:5714:5715:2215:1715:1716:3716:3717:5017:50
West Minster Cherry Tree Close07:4808:3808:3809:2709:2709:5858181837375814:3714:5814:5815:2215:1815:1816:3716:3717:5017:50
West Minster Hawthorn Avenue07:4908:3908:3909:2709:2709:5959191937375914:3714:5914:5915:2315:1915:1916:3816:3817:5117:51
West Minster Detling Close------09:2709:27--------3737--14:37------------------
West Minster Boxley Close------09:2809:28--------3838--14:38------------------
West Minster Bridgewater Road07:5008:4008:4009:3009:3010:0000202040400014:4015:0015:0015:2315:2015:2016:3916:3917:5217:52
Sheerness Wheatsheaf Gardens07:5008:4008:4009:3109:3110:0101212141410114:4115:0115:01--15:2115:2116:3916:3917:5217:52
Sheerness Botany Close07:5108:4108:4109:3209:3210:0202222242420214:4215:0215:02--15:2215:2216:4016:4017:5317:53
Sheerness Nore Close07:5108:4108:4109:3309:3310:0303232343430314:4315:0315:03--15:2315:2316:4016:4017:5317:53
Sheerness St George's Avenue07:5208:4208:4209:3409:3410:0303232344440314:4415:0315:03--15:2315:2316:4116:4117:5417:54
Sheerness High Street East End07:5308:4308:4309:3509:3510:0505252545450514:4515:0515:05--15:2515:2516:4216:4217:5517:55
Sheerness High Street07:5408:4408:4409:3609:36----------------------15:2615:2616:4316:4317:5617:56
Sheerness Railway Station07:5508:4508:4509:3709:37--------------------15:2715:2715:2716:4416:4417:5717:57
Sheerness Tesco07:5608:4608:4609:3809:38--------------------15:2815:2815:2816:4516:4517:5817:58

1Only During School Holidays 2Term Time Only

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School term and school holiday dates

Buses shown as running during TERM TIME only will run during the following periods:

4th September to 20th October 2017, 30th October to 20th December 2017,
4th January 2018 to 9th February 2018, 19th February to 29th March 2018, 16th April 2018 to 25th May 2018, 4th June 2018 to 24th July 2018, 3rd September 2018 to 19th October 2018 and 29th October 2018 to 19th December 2018.

Buses shown as running during SCHOOL HOLIDAYS only will run during the following periods:

21st to 29th October 2017, 21st December 2017 to 3rd January 2018, 10th February 2018 to 18th February 2018, 20th March to 15th April 2018, 26th May 2018 to 3rd June 2018, 25th July to 2nd September 2018, 20th to 28th October 2018 and 20th December 2018 to 2nd January 2019.