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Arriva in Kent and Surrey
333, 334

Maidstone to Sittingbourne

via Vinters Park and Key Street

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Service Overview

Services 333 and 334 times and routes are changing on 28th July 2019

As part of changes to all Arriva services in the Swale area, Service 333 will be completely revised and will run only between Sittingbourne and Faversham town centre. The section of route between Sittingbourne and Maidstone will only be served the 334 which will run more frequently (every 30 minutes) between Sheerness, Sittingbourne and Maidstone. The 333 will no longer serve Davington and Bysing Wood at Faversham. The Sunday service between Faversham and Sittingbourne will be improved to run hourly and there will be a new hourly Sunday service between Sheerness and Maidstone on the 334

School term and school holiday dates

Buses shown as running during school terms only or during school holidays only will run in accordance with the school term calendar set by Kent County Council.

Please see the bottom of this page for the dates that will apply during the months ahead.

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Service Details

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Route Map

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Faversham Crescent Road10:0312:3315:4818:23
Faversham Newton Road Library10:0312:3315:4818:23
Faversham Railway Station10:0512:3515:5018:25
Faversham The Mall10:0612:3615:5118:26
Faversham Brogdale Road10:0712:3715:5218:27
Ospringe The Street10:1012:4015:5518:30
Ospringe Syndale Bottom10:1112:4115:5618:31
Norton Buckland Cottages10:1312:4315:5818:33
Norton Crossroads10:1412:4415:5918:34
Teynham Lewson Street10:1512:4516:0018:35
Teynham Dover Castle10:1712:4716:0218:37
Teynham The Swan10:1712:4716:0218:37
Teynham Belle Friday Centre10:1712:4716:0218:37
Teynham Radfield10:1812:4816:0318:38
Bapchild Hempstead Lane10:2012:5016:0518:40
Bapchild Pomphreys Garage10:2012:5016:0518:40
Bapchild Fox and Goose10:2112:5116:0618:41
Bapchild Fox Hill10:2112:5116:0618:41
Snipeshill Vincent Road10:2112:5116:0618:41
Snipeshill Greenways10:2212:5216:0718:42
Snipeshill Murston Road10:2312:5316:0818:43
Sittingbourne Plaza Court10:2312:5316:0818:43
Sittingbourne Swale House10:2412:5416:0918:44
Sittingbourne Fire Station10:2412:5416:0918:44
Sittingbourne Bus Hub10:2712:5716:1218:45
Sittingbourne Ufton Lane10:2812:5816:13--
Chalkwell The Coniston10:3013:0016:15--
Milton Regis Keyways10:3113:0116:16--
Milton Regis The Billet10:3213:0216:17--
Key Street The Long Hop10:3313:0316:18--
Key Street Pearce and Batt Garage10:3413:0416:19--
Chestnut Street Tudor Rose10:3413:0416:19--
Chestnut Street Chestnut Wood Lane10:3513:0516:20--
Danaway Westfield Gardens10:3713:0716:22--
Danaway Maidstone Road10:3713:0716:22--
Stockbury Roundabout10:3913:0916:24--
Stockbury Rumstead Lane10:4113:1116:26--
Stockbury South Street10:4213:1216:27--
Vinters Park Hilton Hotel10:5013:2016:35--
Vinters Park Emsworth Grove10:5113:2116:36--
Vinters Park Community Centre10:5213:2216:37--
Vinters Park Blendon Road10:5213:2216:37--
Vinters Park Commodore Road10:5313:2316:38--
Vinters Park Mostyn Road10:5413:2416:39--
Vinters Park Claremont Road10:5513:2516:40--
Maidstone Holland Road10:5613:2616:41--
Maidstone Haynes10:5713:2716:42--
Maidstone Chequers Bus Station10:5913:2916:44--

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