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Arriva in Kent and Surrey

Guildford Town Centre to Bellfields

via Stoke Road

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Service Overview

Revised times from 29th July 2018

We will be making changes to our services in the Guildford area from 29th July. You can see more details here.

There will be some changes to the Service 3 timetable to improve reliability.

On Saturdays the main daytime frequency will be revised to run every thirty minutes.

Download and print our Guildford Local Buses timetable leaflet

You can download here our Guildford Local Services timetable leaflet in PDF format. You can then print the complete booklet or just the pages you require. 

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Service Details

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Route Map

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Bellfields Juniper Close05:5506:3506:5507:1507:3507:5508:17Then
Bellfields Hazel Avenue Shops05:5506:3506:5507:1507:3507:5508:1737571716:5717:1717:3917:5918:19
Bellfields Lime Grove05:5706:3706:5707:1707:3707:5708:1939591916:5917:1917:4118:0118:21
Bellfields Hazel Avenue05:5806:3806:5807:1807:3807:5808:2040002017:0017:2017:4218:0218:22
Bellfields Fir Tree Road05:5906:3906:5907:1907:3907:5908:2141012117:0117:2117:4318:0318:23
Bellfields Cedar Way05:5906:3906:5907:1907:3907:5908:2141012117:0117:2117:4318:0318:23
Bellfields Cypress Road06:0106:4107:0107:2107:4108:0108:2242022217:0217:2217:4418:0418:24
Bellfields Stoughton Road Shops06:0206:4207:0207:2207:4208:0208:2444042417:0417:2417:4618:0618:26
Bellfields Stoke Bridges06:0306:4307:0307:2307:4308:0308:2444042417:0417:2417:4618:0618:26
Guildford College06:0606:4607:0607:2607:4608:0608:2747072717:0717:2717:4918:0918:29
Guildford Queen's Road06:0806:4807:0807:2807:4808:0808:2848082817:0817:2817:5018:1018:30
Guildford Library06:1206:5207:1207:3207:5208:1208:3252123217:1217:3217:5418:1418:34
Guildford Friary Bus Station06:1506:5507:1507:3507:5508:1508:3454143417:1417:3417:5618:1618:36

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