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Arriva in Kent and Surrey

Guildford Town Circular

Serving Stoughton, Grange Park, Park Barn, Royal Surrey County Hospital and The Chase

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Service Overview

Revised times from 29th July 2018

We will be making changes to our services in the Guildford area from 29th July.

You can see more details here.

The timetable for Services 26/26X/27/36/37 will be completely revised and these services will no longer run through the university campus.

Instead, the 26 and 27 will run via Guildford Park Road and The Chase between Guildford Rail Station and the hospital.

On Mondays to Fridays these services will be revised to run every twenty minutes and on Saturdays and Sundays every thirty minutes.

Services 36 and 37 will run only between Burpham/Merrow and the Bus Station. They will no longer extend beyond the Bus Station to or from the university and the hospital.

On Saturdays the main daytime frequency of the 36 and 37 will be revised to run every thirty minutes.  Monday to Friday and Sunday frequencies will not be changing.

Download and print our Guildford Local Buses timetable leaflet

You can download here our Guildford Local Services timetable leaflet in PDF format. You can then print the complete booklet or just the pages you require. 

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Service Details

Route Map

View all stops2626262626262626262626
Guildford Friary Bus Station06:3507:05Then
Guildford Cricket Ground06:3607:06360618:3619:0719:37073723:0723:37
Guildford Recreation Road06:3807:08380818:3819:0919:39093923:0923:39
Guildford Woodbridge Retail Park06:3907:09390918:3919:1019:40104023:1023:40
Guildford Woodbridge Meadows06:4007:10401018:4019:1119:41114123:1123:41
Woodbridge Hill Weston Road06:4307:13431318:4319:1419:44144423:1423:44
Stoughton Ardmore Avenue06:4607:16461618:4619:1719:47174723:1723:47
Stoughton Road Junction06:4707:17471718:4719:1819:48184823:1823:48
Stoughton Northmead School06:4707:17471718:4719:1819:48184823:1823:48
Stoughton Grange Close06:4807:18481818:4819:1919:49194923:1923:49
Queen Elizabeth Park Railton Road06:4907:19491918:4919:2019:50205023:2023:50
Queen Elizabeth Park Robin Way06:5007:20502018:5019:2119:51215123:2123:51
Queen Elizabeth Park Burden Way Shops06:5107:21512118:5119:2219:52225223:2223:52
Stringers Common Mansel Close06:5207:22522218:5219:2319:53235323:2323:53
Stringers Common Escombe Drive06:5307:23532318:5319:2419:54245423:2423:54
Pitch Place Hamilton Drive06:5507:25552518:5519:2619:56265623:2623:56
Pitch Place Tarragon Court06:5607:26562618:5619:2719:57275723:2723:57
Stoughton Johnston Walk06:5707:27572718:5719:2819:58285823:2823:58
Stoughton Sheepfold Road06:5907:29592918:5919:3020:00300023:3000:00
Stoughton Northway07:0007:30003019:0019:3120:01310123:3100:01
Rydeshill Peterborough Road07:0107:31013119:0119:3220:02320223:3200:02
Rydeshill Broadacres07:0107:31013119:0119:3220:02320223:3200:02
Park Barn Rye Close07:0207:32023219:0219:3320:03330323:3300:03
Park Barn Clover Road07:0307:33033319:0319:3420:04340423:3400:04
Park Barn Bargate Court07:0407:34043419:0419:3520:05350523:3500:05
Guildford Egerton Road07:0607:36063619:0619:3720:07370723:3700:07
Guildford Royal Surrey Hospital07:0807:38083819:0819:3920:09390923:3900:09
Guildford Tesco07:0907:39093919:0919:4020:10401023:4000:10
Dennisville The Chase07:1107:41114119:1119:4220:12421223:4200:12
Dennisville The Oval07:1207:42124219:1219:4320:13431323:4300:13
Guildford Park The Astolat07:1307:43134319:1319:4420:14441423:4400:14
Guildford Park Avenue07:1407:44144419:1419:4520:15451523:4500:15
Guildford Station07:1507:45154519:1519:4620:16461623:4600:16
Guildford Railway Station07:1607:46164619:1619:4720:17471723:4700:17
Guildford Friary Bus Station07:1907:49194919:1919:5020:20502023:5000:20

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