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Arriva in Kent and Surrey

North Tonbridge to Tunbridge Wells Hospital

via Pembury Road, Tonbridge Town Centre, Higham Wood and Willow Lea

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Service Overview

Revised times and extended route from 11th March 2018

We will be revising the times of Services 218 and 219 from 11th March and extending the route beyond Tunbridge Wells Hospital to serve Knights Park and North Farm, giving new direct links from North Tonbridge and Tonbridge town centre and station.

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Service Details

Route Map

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Tonbridge Quarry Hill Parade09:2610:26Then
Tonbridge Railway Station09:2610:262615:2616:26
Tonbridge High Street09:2710:272715:2716:27
Tonbridge Castle09:3010:303015:3016:30
Tonbridge School09:3110:313115:3116:31
Cage Green Uridge Road09:3310:333315:3316:33
Cage Green Greyhound House09:3310:333315:3316:33
Cage Green The Pinnacles09:3510:353515:3516:35
Cage Green Penruddocke House09:3510:353515:3516:35
Cage Green St Philip's Church09:3610:363615:3616:36
Cage Green Winchester Road09:3610:363615:3616:36
Higham Wood Hopgarden Road09:3610:363615:3616:36
Higham Wood Dodd Road09:3710:373715:3716:37
Higham Wood Martin Hardie Way09:3810:383815:3816:38
Higham Wood Methodist Church09:3810:383815:3816:38
Higham Wood Hunt Road09:3910:393915:3916:39
Higham Wood Turner Road09:4010:404015:4016:40
Higham Wood Higham School Road09:4010:404015:4016:40
Higham Wood Raeburn Close09:4110:414115:4116:41
Higham Wood Darwin Drive09:4210:424215:4216:42
Trench Wood Whistler Road09:4410:444415:4416:44
Trench Wood Denbeigh Drive09:4410:444415:4416:44
Trench Wood York Parade09:4510:454515:4516:45
Trench Wood York Parade09:4510:454515:4516:45
Trench Wood Bishops Oak Ride09:4610:464615:4616:46
Trench Wood Heather Walk09:4710:474715:4716:47
Trench Wood Greenfrith Drive09:4810:484815:4816:48
Trench Wood Trench Road09:4810:484815:4816:48
Trench Wood Tyne Road09:5010:505015:5016:50
Trench Wood Derwent Road09:5110:515115:5116:51
Cage Green The Pinnacles09:5210:525215:5216:52
Cage Green Greyhound House09:5210:525215:5216:52
Cage Green Uridge Road09:5310:535315:5316:53
Tonbridge School09:5510:555515:5516:55
Tonbridge Castle09:5710:575715:5716:57
Tonbridge Quarry Hill Parade10:0111:010116:0117:01

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