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Arriva in Kent and Surrey
176, 177

Lower Gillingham to Walderslade

via Grange Road, the Strand, Liberty Quays, Gillingham, Medway Maritime Hospital, Chatham Hill and Chatham then 176 via Maidstone Road, Huntsman's Corner, Walderslade Road, Weeds Wood and Walderslade Village OR 177 via Luton Road, Wayfield, Weeds Wood and Walderslade Village. Some buses extend to Fostington Wood and Alexandra Hospital.

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Route Map

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Gillingham Plantation Road--09:4410:1410:44Then
Gillingham Hewitt Close--09:4410:1410:44144418:1418:44
Gillingham King Edward Road--09:4510:1510:45154518:1518:45
Gillingham Castlemaine Avenue--09:4610:1610:46164618:1618:46
Gillingham Elm Road--09:4710:1710:47174718:1718:47
Gillingham Green--09:4710:1710:47174718:1718:47
Gillingham The Strand--09:4910:1910:49194918:1918:49
Gillingham Medway Maritime Hospital--10:0310:3311:03330318:3319:03
Gillingham Byron Road----10:34--34--18:3419:04
Gillingham Rock Avenue----10:34--34--18:3419:04
Chatham Windmill Road----10:36--36--18:3619:06
Chatham Institute Road----10:38--38--18:3819:08
Chatham High Street Gala Bingo----10:39--39--18:3919:09
Chatham Railway Station----10:42--42--18:4219:12
Chatham Waterfront Bus Station----10:48--48--18:4819:15
Upper Luton Road----10:56--56--18:56--
Luton Hen and Chickens----10:56--56--18:56--
Wayfield Mill Lane----10:57--57--18:57--
Wayfield Street End Road----10:58--58--18:58--
Wayfield Spar----10:58--58--18:58--
Wayfield Barnfield----10:59--59--18:59--
Wayfield Stalin Avenue----10:59--59--18:59--
Wayfield Tedder Avenue----11:00--00--19:00--
Wayfield Shops----11:01--01--19:01--
Wayfield Cherbourg Crescent----11:01--01--19:01--
Wayfield Burma Way Bottom----11:02--02--19:02--
Wayfield Tobruk Way----11:02--02--19:02--
Chatham Waterfront Bus Station09:1610:16--11:16--16----
Chatham Railway Station09:1910:19--11:19--19----
Chatham Southill Road Laundry--10:19--11:19--19----
Chatham Gladstone Road--10:20--11:20--20----
Chatham Cemetery--10:20--11:20--20----
Chatham Football Ground--10:21--11:21--21----
Chatham Letchworth Avenue--10:21--11:21--21----
Chatham Huntsmans Corner--10:22--11:22--22----
Chatham Magpie Hall Road Top--10:23--11:23--23----
Walderslade Poachers Pocket09:2710:2711:0411:27042719:04--
Weeds Wood Silverweed Road09:2810:2811:0411:28042819:04--
Walderslade Barrington Close09:2810:2811:0411:28042819:04--
Walderslade Oaklands School09:2810:2811:0511:28052819:05--
Weeds Wood Road09:2910:2911:0511:29052919:05--
Weeds Wood Sorrell Road09:2910:2911:0611:29062919:06--
Weeds Wood Pimpernel Way09:3010:3011:0711:30073019:07--
Weeds Wood Larkspur Road09:3010:3011:0711:30073019:07--
Weeds Wood York Avenue09:3110:3111:0711:31073119:07--
Weeds Wood Amanda Close09:3110:3111:0711:31073119:07--
Walderslade Victoria Road09:3210:3211:0811:32083219:08--
Walderslade Longhurst Drive09:3210:3211:0811:32083219:08--
Walderslade Foresters Close09:3310:3311:0811:33083319:08--
Walderslade Village Centre09:3510:3511:1011:35103519:10--
Walderslade Tunbury Avenue09:3610:36--11:36--36----
Walderslade Catkin Close09:3610:36--11:36--36----
Walderslade Oaks Dene09:3710:37--11:37--37----
Walderslade Podkin Wood09:3810:38--11:38--38----
Walderslade Spenlow Drive09:3810:38--11:38--38----
Walderslade Galena Close09:3910:39--11:39--39----
Walderslade Celestine Close09:3910:39--11:39--39----
Walderslade Alexandra Hospital09:4010:40--11:40--40----

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Kent school term and school holiday dates 2019/2020

Term or holiday name First day Last day Bus service provision
Spring Term 2020 pt 2 23 February 2020 1 April 2020 Term time
Easter holiday 2 April 2020 15 April 2020 School holiday
Summer Term 2020 pt 1 16 April 2020 23 May 2020 Term time
Half Term holiday 24 May 2020 30 May 2020 School holiday
Summer Term 2020 pt 2 31 May 2020 22 July 2020 Term Time