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Arriva in Kent and Surrey

Chatham to Hempstead

via universities, MidKent College, Gillingham, Medway Maritime Hospital, Rainham Mark, Twydall, Rainham, Parkwood and Hempstead Valley Shopping Centre

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Service Overview

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Service Details

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Route Map

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Chatham Waterfront Bus Station07:4208:12Then
Chatham Fort Amherst Council Offices07:4308:13431316:4317:1318:13
Chatham Dockyard Main Gate07:4408:14441416:4417:1418:14
Chatham Maritime St George's Centre07:4608:16461616:4617:1618:16
Chatham Maritime Western Avenue07:4708:17471716:4717:1718:17
Chatham Central Avenue07:4908:19491916:4917:1918:19
Chatham New Kent Road07:5008:20502016:5017:2018:20
Gillingham Purser Way07:5208:22522216:5217:2218:22
Gillingham Bridge Road07:5408:24542416:5417:2418:24
Gillingham Mid Kent College07:5608:26562616:5617:2618:26
Gillingham Royal Engineers Museum07:5608:26562616:5617:2618:26
Brompton King Charles Hotel07:5808:28582816:5817:2818:28
Gillingham Medway Park War Memorial07:5908:29592916:5917:2918:29
Gillingham St Mark's Church08:0108:31013117:0117:3118:31
Gillingham Copenhagen Road08:0208:32023217:0217:3218:32
Gillingham The Westcourt Arms08:0408:34043417:0417:3418:34
Gillingham Medway Maritime Hospital08:0608:36063617:0617:3618:36
Gillingham Byron Primary School08:0808:38083817:0817:3818:38
Gillingham Park08:0908:39093917:0917:3918:39
Gillingham Jezreels08:1108:41114117:1117:4118:41
Darland Barnsole Road08:1208:42124217:1217:4218:42
Darland Woodlands Road South end08:1408:44144417:1417:4418:44
Gillingham Featherby Road South08:1608:46164617:1617:4618:46
Gillingham Eastcourt Lane08:1708:47174717:1717:4718:47
Rainham Tesco08:1908:49194917:1917:4918:49
Twydall Shops08:2308:53235317:2317:5318:53
Twydall Wingham Close08:2408:54245417:2417:5418:54
Twydall Beechings Green08:2408:54245417:2417:5418:54
Twydall Truro Close08:2508:55255517:2517:5518:55
Twydall Ely Close08:2608:56265617:2617:5618:56
Twydall Danson Way08:2808:58285817:2817:5818:58
Rainham Manor Farm08:3009:00300017:3018:0019:00
Rainham Broadview Shops08:3109:01310117:3118:0119:01
Rainham Highfield Road08:3209:02320217:3218:0219:02
Rainham Lyndhurst Avenue08:3309:03330317:3318:0319:03
Parkwood Deanwood Drive Top08:3509:05350517:3518:0519:05
Parkwood Campleshon Road08:3609:06360617:3618:0619:06
Parkwood Shopping Centre08:3709:07370717:3718:0719:07
Parkwood Lovelace Close08:3709:07370717:3718:0719:07
Parkwood Nares Road08:3709:07370717:3718:0719:07
Parkwood St Augustine School08:3809:08380817:3818:0819:08
Parkwood Hawbeck Road08:3809:08380817:3818:0819:08
Parkwood Deanwood Drive bottom08:3909:09390917:3918:0919:09
Wigmore Fowler Close08:4009:10401017:4018:1019:10
Wigmore Kenyon Walk08:4009:10401017:4018:1019:10
Hempstead Valley Shopping Centre08:4309:13431317:4318:1319:13

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Kent school term and school holiday dates 2019/2020

Term or holiday name First day Last day Bus service provision
Spring Term 2019 pt 1 3 January 2019 16 February 2019 Term time
Half Term holiday 17 February 2019 23 February 2019 School holiday
Spring Term 2019 pt 2 24 February 2019 6 April 2019 Term time
Easter holiday 7 April 2019 22 April 2019 School holiday
Summer Term 2019 pt 1 23 April 2019 25 May 2019 Term time
Half Term holiday 26 May 2019 1 June 2019 School holiday
Summer Term 2019 pt 2 2 June 2019 23 July 2019 Term time
Summer holiday 2019 24 July 2019 31 August 2019 School holiday
Autumn Term 2019 pt 1 1 September 2019 19 October 2019 Term time
Half Term holiday 20 October 2019 26 October 2019 School holiday
Autumn Term 2019 pt 2 27 October 2019 18 December 2019 Term time
Christmas 2019 holiday 19 December 2019 4 January 2020 School holiday
Spring Term 2020 pt 1 5 January 2020 15 February 2020 Term time
Half Term holiday 16 February 2020 22 February 2020 School holiday
Spring Term 2020 pt 2 23 February 2020 1 April 2020 Term time
Easter holiday 2 April 2020 15 April 2020 School holiday
Summer Term 2020 pt 1 16 April 2020 23 May 2020 Term time
Half Term holiday 24 May 2020 30 May 2020 School holiday
Summer Term 2020 pt 2 31 May 2020 22 July 2020 Term Time