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Arriva in Kent and Surrey

Park your stress and commute by bus

Parking at railway stations can be an expensive, stressful affair when you’re commuting to work and have no guarantee of even finding a space when you get there.

However, if you instead take the bus you can save on hassle and on tickets. Arriva’s Weekly or 4-Weekly tickets help you manage your costs and allow you to sit and relax while you’re driven to the railway station.

These tickets can be used for as many journeys as you like within a specified zone, and they run for seven or 28 days respectively. They can be bought in person or online and – should you be concerned about losing your ticket – they’re even available as an m-ticket through your mobile phone.

Depending on your area, prices for Weekly tickets can save you more than £5, while 4-Weekly tickets can offer almost a half price saving in comparison to the cost of a daily ticket. Of course that’s only considering your journeys to and from work, should you decide to make the most of the convenience of bus travel on your days off even more savings will pile up.

Finally, tickets aren’t restricted to one user. Meaning you could use the ticket to go to work during the day, then another family member can travel with it in the evening.

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