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New buses for Sevenoaks

We have invested in brand new, fully-accessible minibuses for use on two new local routes in Sevenoaks - the 1 and the 2.

These will replace the existing service 452 between Kemsing, Seal and Sevenoaks and the section of service 402 that covers the section of route between Sevenoaks, Riverhead and Dunton Green.


  • The service 1 will run between Sevenoaks, Dunton Green and Ryewood.

  • The service 2 will run between Sevenoaks, Bat & Ball, Seal, Kemsing and Noah's Ark.


New links

We will be making a number of changes to our services in Tunbridge Wells and its neighbouring areas from 11th March, including new links, extended routes.

Click here for a full breakdown of these upcoming service changes.


  • This new service will run on from Monday to Saturday between Dunton Green, Ryewood and Sevenoaks Bus Station, replacing the current 402 over that section of the route.

  • Between the Bus Station and Sevenoaks Rail Station, buses will run via Tubs Hill and Pembroke Road in both directions instead of via St. Botolph's Road.

  • During the main part of the day buses will run half-hourly.

  • Prior to 9am on Monday-Friday, buses on this service will run via Chipstead village for the benefit of commuters travelling to Sevenoaks train station, and the buses back from Sevenoaks between 4pm and 7:40pm hours will also run via Chipstead.

  • One bus in each direction will extend beyond Sevenoaks bus station to serve Trinity School.

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