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Arriva in Kent and Surrey

More frequent bus services for Kent Thameside

We're making changes to some of our bus routes and times in the Kent Thameside area from Sunday 9th August, with some big improvements across the area.

There will be more frequent buses for some parts of Kent Thameside, high-quality Sapphire buses for Riverview Park, brand-new buses for Fastrack services and new links for several areas.

Some services will be given new numbers and some routes will be linked differently.

To find out more about the changes click the tabs below.

The 'general overview' tab gives you a summary of the main changes and the service-by-service tab lists all our services in the Kent Thameside area, with full details of what is happening to your local bus route.

The other tabs summarise the changes specifically for those areas affected by the changes.

New timetable leaflets for the services that are altering will be available well in advance of the start date and the new times will be available online by mid-July.

By increasing the frequency of Sapphire Services 480 and 490 to run to and from Valley Drive every 7 or 8 minutes, we are able to give Riverview Park more buses by routeing alternate Sapphire buses from Valley Drive via St. Hilda's Way to Riverview Park, instead of continuing to Mackenzie Way.

This will double the number of buses serving Riverview Park and will bring the benefits of our Sapphire service to the area with buses that have free on-board Wi-Fi, three-pin and USB power points next to each seat, next-stop audio-visual displays and eco-leather seats.

The fifteen-minute service provided by Sapphire Service 480 will provide extra links from Riverview Park to Gravesend, Northfleet, Swanscombe, Greenhithe, Stone and Dartford.

You can view the new Sapphire 480/490 map here.

Existing Service 499 will continue to run every fifteen minutes but will be renumbered 481 and, after Perry Street, will take a quicker route to Bluewater. It will no longer serve Ebbsfleet International Station.