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Arriva in Kent and Surrey

More frequent bus services for Kent Thameside

We're making changes to some of our bus routes and times in the Kent Thameside area from Sunday 9th August, with some big improvements across the area.

There will be more frequent buses for some parts of Kent Thameside, high-quality Sapphire buses for Riverview Park, brand-new buses for Fastrack services and new links for several areas.

Some services will be given new numbers and some routes will be linked differently.

To find out more about the changes click the tabs below.

The 'general overview' tab gives you a summary of the main changes and the service-by-service tab lists all our services in the Kent Thameside area, with full details of what is happening to your local bus route.

The other tabs summarise the changes specifically for those areas affected by the changes.

New timetable leaflets for the services that are altering will be available well in advance of the start date and the new times will be available online by mid-July.

We’ve invested, in partnership with Kent County Council and Prologis, in a fleet of twenty-one brand-new buses to replace the existing Fastrack fleet.

While continuing to offer free on-board Wi-Fi and next-stop audio-visual display screens, the new buses have some additional features, such as three-pin and USB power points next to each seat, eco-leather seats and full destination displays on the back of each bus.

This gives Fastrack customers the same features as already enjoyed by those travelling on our Sapphire services in Kent Thameside.

Not only do the buses have these extra internal features but their chassis feature the latest ‘micro hybrid’ technology that allows energy used when the bus brakes to be collected and returned to the batteries, in turn powering more systems electrically and causing the engine to work less hard.

The end result is less carbon emissions and a very low carbon footprint, helping to improve air quality in the Kent Thameside area.

The ‘StreetLite’ buses are British-built by Wrightbus in Northern Ireland, one of the UK’s leading bus builders and will be entering service during July on both Fastrack routes.

You’ll certainly spot them easily as their modern looks are emphasised by a smart new metallic lilac and dark blue livery.