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Changes to Maidstone and Malling times and routes from 2nd April

Most services in the Maidstone and Malling area will be altered, some with minor timing changes, others with new route numbers and some with revised routes.

The services that currently run from one side of the town to the other will be separated, with each terminating in the town to make them more reliable.

A delay on one side of town can adversely affect the service to the other end of the route so splitting the routes will give us greater ability to deal with traffic delays and get the service back on time when delays occur.

Highlights of the changes are:
- More frequent weekday buses on the 7 to Tunbridge Wells, up from two an hour to three and with later evening buses while the Sunday service will be doubled to run hourly.
- Sutton Road, Sutton Valence and Headcorn will be served more frequently, with half-hourly buses on Mondays to Fridays and hourly on Saturdays and Sundays.
- The Sunday service to Shepway and Senacre Wood will be improved to every twenty minutes.
- Tonbridge Road, London Road, Park Wood, Senacre Wood, Shepway and Sutton Road will all have a ten-minute daytime frequency.
- New Service 3 will replace the 85 between the town and hospital every twenty minutes.
- London Road will continue to be served by the 71 and 72 but to revised times and with a new Sunday service on the 72 between Maidstone, West Malling and Kings Hill.
- The 71 will extend to serve Snodland Rail Station, giving a new half-hourly service from Holborough, Snodland and the surrounding area to the station throughout the week.
- The numbers of some of our schooltime services will be changed to make them less confusing.

To see the full list of changes and the new network map, click the buttons below.

The changes in detail      New network map

To view the new timetables click the buttons below to take you to the page for the service you require:

6 6X 7 8 9/509 12 58 60 71/572/575/576

72/572/575/576   73 77/147/148/149 79 82 85 89 155


Where to catch your bus in Maidstone town centre from 2nd April

Some buses will be using different stops in Chequers Bus Station from 2nd April.

You can see which buses stop at which location throughout Maidstone Town Centre on our 'Where to catch your bus' poster.

Buses to Maidstone schools

For details of buses serving the main schools in Maidstone, please see the network map below and the summary sheets that give details of times and routes for the individual schools or groups of schools.

Maidstone Schools network map  

Ashord Road schools   Cornwallis Academy   London Road schools  

Maidstone Grammar School   Oakwood Park schools