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Changes to Watford and Hemel Hempstead bus times from 27th August 2017

Start Date: 27/08/2017

Location: Hemel Hempstead, Watford

We will be making changes to the times and routes of the Hemel Hempstead local buses and there will also be some minor chnages to Services 8, 10 and 324 in Watford.

In order to improve reliability we will be making changes to the times of some of our buses in Watford and Hemel Hempstead.
The Hemel Hempstead local services will be revised so that the 2 will run only between Woodhall Farm Estate and the town, with the section of route to Bennetts End being served by new Service 5.
Service 3 will also take a revised route, running as a circular service from the town via Gadebridge, Warners End, Chaulden and the rail station in each direction. This will give new links to the station.
At Watford there will be minor changes to the times of Services 8 and 10, in addition to which the route of Service 324 will be extended beyond Meriden to and from Sheepcote Lane at Kingswood.

Full details of the changes are shown below. The new timetables will be shown online soon.
Hemel Hempstead Service 2
- This service will run only between Woodhall Farm and Riverside with an extension to the Rail Station during the morning peak period. Existing frequencies will be retained except that the Saturday afternoon service will run every fifteen minutes. The section of route between the town centre and Bennetts End will be replaced by new Service 5.

Hemel Hempstead Service 3
- The route will be revised to run as a circular service from the Town Centre via Gadebridge, Warners End and Chaulden to Hemel Hempstead Railway Station and back to the Town Centre.
- The service will run in both directions and will provide a new direct link to and from the station.
- Buses will run in each direction every twenty minutes during the main part of the day on Mondays to Saturdays and hourly during evenings and on Sundays.

Hemel Hempstead Service 4
- The main timetable will remain unchanged but the peak-time buses to the railway station will no longer run as insufficient use has been made of them.

Hemel Hempstead Service 5
- This new service will run between the town centre and Bennetts End, replacing that section of route currently provided by Service 2.
- Buses will run every ten minutes during the main part of the day on Mondays to Saturdays, every twenty minutes on Sundays and hourly during the evenings.

Watford Service 8
- The first bus during the morning peak period on Mondays to Fridays will start at Watford Junction instead of Garston Garage.
- The evening buses that terminate at Woodside or Leavesden Park will be diverted to provide two extra journeys to Abbots Langley.

Watford Service 10
- The early morning buses that start from Garston Bus Garage will start instead from Woodside.

Service 41: Maple Cross - Rickmansworth - Watford - Abbots Langley - Garston
Due to lack of use, the sole journey on this service at 0537 from Maple Cross will no longer run.

Service 324: Maple Cross - Rickmansworth - Watford - Meriden - Garston
- Most buses will be extended beyond Meriden to or from Sheepcot Lane and will serve all bus stops on the North Orbital Road in Kingswood.

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