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Arriva in Herts and Essex

Harlow to Potter Street

via Tumbler Road

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Service Overview

Change of route for Service 9 from 3rd March 2019

This service will continue to run every twenty minutes between Harlow and Potter Street but will no longer serve Epping. Full details can be viewed here.

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Service Details

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Route Map

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Harlow Town Centre Bus Station--07:5708:1708:3708:50Then
Harlow Town Centre Bus Station07:27----------------------
Harlow Leisure Centre07:2907:5808:1808:3808:5212325217:3217:5218:1218:32
Brays Grove The Phoenix07:3208:0208:2208:4208:5616365617:3617:5618:1618:36
Brays Grove North Grove07:3208:0208:2208:4208:5616365617:3617:5618:1618:36
Brays Grove Nicholls Field07:3208:0208:2208:4208:5616365617:3617:5618:1618:36
Brays Grove Manor Hatch Shops07:3308:0308:2308:4308:5717375717:3717:5718:1718:37
Brays Grove Tilbury Mead07:3308:0308:2308:4308:5717375717:3717:5718:1718:37
Brays Grove Tracyes Road07:3408:0408:2408:4408:5818385817:3817:5818:1818:38
Brays Grove School07:3408:0408:2408:4408:5818385817:3817:5818:1818:38
Potter Street Pytt Field07:3708:0708:2708:4709:0121410117:4118:0118:2118:41
Potter Street David Livingston House07:3708:0708:2708:4709:0121410117:4118:0118:2118:41
Potter Street The Red Lion07:3908:0908:2908:4909:0323430317:4318:0318:2318:43

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