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Arriva in Herts and Essex
8, 9

Stevenage Town Centre to Symonds Green and Bragbury End

via Old Town and Broadwater

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Service Details

Route Map

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Stevenage Bus Station07:0008:00Then
Stevenage Railway Station07:0108:010118:0119:01
Stevenage Old Town Spice Rouge Restaurant07:0308:030318:0319:03
Stevenage Old Town The Mulberry Tree07:0608:060618:0619:05
Stevenage Old Town Essex Road07:0708:070718:0719:06
Symonds Green Fleetwood Crescent07:0908:090918:0919:07
Symonds Green Torquay Crescent07:1008:101018:1019:08
Stevenage Rutherford Close07:1208:121218:1219:09
Symonds Green Bude Crescent07:1308:131318:1319:10
Symonds Green Scarborough Avenue Shops07:1508:151518:1519:12
Fishers Green Scarborough Avene07:1608:161618:1619:12
Fishers Green Skegness Road07:1708:171718:1719:13
Fishers Green Corton Close07:1808:181818:1819:14
Fishers Green Southsea Road07:1908:191918:1919:15
Stevenage Old Town Essex Road07:2008:202018:2019:15
Stevenage Old Town The Archways Hotel--------19:16
Corey's Mill John Henry Newman School--------19:17
Corey's Mill Lister Hospital--------19:18
Corey's Mill Burymead--------19:19
Stevenage Old Town Franklin's Road--------19:20
Stevenage Old Town The Mulberry Tree07:2208:222218:2219:21
Stevenage Old Town Methodist Church07:2408:242418:2419:23
Stevenage Railway Station07:2708:272718:2719:25
Stevenage Bus Station07:2808:282818:2819:30
Stevenage ASDA07:2908:292918:2919:31
Stevenage Elder Way07:3008:303018:3019:32
Monk's Wood Roaring Meg Retail Park07:3108:313118:3119:33
Broadwater The Valley School07:3208:323218:3219:34
Broadwater Roebuck Gate07:3408:343418:3419:36
Broadwater Brookhill07:3508:353518:3519:37
Broadwater Berkeley Close07:3608:363618:3619:38
Bragbury End Ashdown Road07:3708:373718:3719:39
Bragbury End Ranworth Avenue07:3808:383818:3819:40
Bragbury End Wordsworth Centre07:3908:393918:3919:41
Bragbury End Stirling Close07:4108:414118:4119:43
Bragbury End Walpole Court07:4108:414118:4119:43
Bragbury End Watton Road07:4208:424218:4219:44
Bragbury End Ranworth Avenue07:4308:434318:4319:45
Bragbury End Ashdown Road07:4408:444418:4419:46
Broadwater Berkeley Close07:4508:454518:4519:47
Broadwater Brookhill07:4608:464618:4619:48
Broadwater Roebuck Centre07:4708:474718:4719:49
Broadwater The Valley School07:4808:484818:4819:50
Monk's Wood Stevenage FC07:4908:494918:4919:51
Monk's Wood Roaring Meg Retail Park07:5108:515118:5119:52
Stevenage Elder Way07:5208:525218:5219:53
Stevenage ASDA07:5308:535318:5319:54
Stevenage Bus Station07:5508:555518:5519:55

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