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Arriva in Herts and Essex
77, 77A

Colchester to St Osyth

via The Hythe (77) or Greenstead (77A), Frating and Great Bentley

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Service Overview

Revised stopping arrangements in Colchester town centre from 21st October 2018

Essex County Council has reviewed where buses stop in Colchester town centre and has arranged for some services to observe different bus stops to those used at present.

This is designed to reduce congestion and improve reliability and affects the buses of all bus companies in Colchester.

You can view full details, including a list of which services will use which stops, here.

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Service Details

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Route Map

View all stops771 772 771 772 777777A77
St Osyth Hutleys Shops--------10:06--14:06--
St Osyth Colchester Road--------10:14--14:14--
St Osyth The Kings Arms--------10:15--14:15--
St Osyth Wellwick House--------10:15--14:15--
St Osyth Clay Lane--------10:18--14:18--
St Osyth Frowick Lane--------10:21--14:21--
Aingers Green Plough Road--------10:24--14:24--
Aingers Green Road--------10:24--14:24--
Aingers Green Plough Road07:2507:25------12:04--16:54
Great Bentley Railway Station07:2907:29----10:2812:0814:2816:58
Great Bentley Sturrick Lane07:3207:32----10:3112:1114:3117:01
Frating The Kings Arms------------14:36--
Frating Chapel Lane------------14:38--
Hare Green Stables------------14:39--
Hare Green Mary Lane------------14:42--
Hare Green Stables------------14:43--
Hare Green The Old Courthouse------------14:43--
Great Bromley School------------14:45--
Ardleigh Cross Inn------------14:50--
Ardleigh Burnt Heath------------14:53--
Ardleigh Cherry Tree Farm------------14:55--
Greenstead Owls Retreat------------14:57--
Greenstead Egret Crescent------------14:57--
Greenstead Kingfisher Close------------14:58--
Greenstead Titania Close------------14:59--
Greenstead Magnolia Drive------------15:00--
Greenstead University Residences------------15:00--
Greenstead Scarfe Way------------15:01--
Greenstead Delius Walk------------15:02--
Frating Haggars Lane07:3707:37----10:3612:16--17:06
Frating Hill Park07:3707:37----10:3612:16--17:06
Frating Hill Church Road07:3807:38----10:3712:17--17:07
Elmstead Market Beth Chatto Gdns07:4007:40----10:3912:19--17:09
Elmstead Market07:4107:41----10:4012:20--17:10
Elmstead Market Chapel Ln07:4107:41----10:4012:20--17:10
Elmstead Market Oatlands07:4107:41----10:4012:20--17:10
Elmstead Market Blossomwood Farm07:4207:42----10:4112:21--17:11
Elmstead Market Park Farm07:4307:43----10:4212:22--17:12
Colchester Road07:4407:44----10:4312:23--17:13
University of Essex University07:4407:44----10:4312:23--17:13
The Hythe Tesco Store07:4607:46----10:4512:2515:0417:15
The Hythe Hythe Railway Station07:4607:46----10:4512:2515:0417:15
Colchester St. Leonard's Church07:4907:49----10:4812:2815:0717:18
Colchester Port Lane07:5107:51----10:4912:2915:0817:19
Colchester Cannon Street07:5107:51----10:5012:3015:0917:20
Colchester Wimpole Road07:5207:52----10:5112:3115:1017:21
Colchester Sportsman's Club07:5407:54----10:5212:3215:1117:22
Colchester Town Railway Station07:5507:55----10:5312:3315:1217:23
Colchester Town Centre Osborne Street07:5707:57----10:5512:3515:1417:25
Colchester Essex County Hospital08:02--------------
Colchester Beverley Road08:04--------------
Colchester The Avenue08:05--------------
Colchester Park Road08:07--------------
Colchester County High School08:11--------------
Colchester Town Centre Head Street----08:2308:2310:5812:3815:1717:28
Colchester Middleborough----08:2408:2410:5912:3915:1817:29
Colchester Railway Station Layby----08:2808:2811:0312:4315:2217:33
Colchester The Bricklayers Arms----08:2908:2911:0412:4415:2317:34
Colchester Enid Way----08:3008:3011:0512:4515:2417:35
Colchester Aerofoil Grove----08:3208:3211:0712:4715:2617:37
Colchester Apprentice Drive----08:3408:3411:0912:4915:2817:39

1Term Time Only 2Only During School Holidays

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