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Arriva in Herts and Essex

Harlow to Latton Bush

via Bush Fair

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Service Details

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Route Map

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Latton Bush Little Pynchons06:1806:3806:5307:1007:2507:40Then
Latton Bush The Readings06:1906:3906:5407:1007:2507:405510254018:2518:5519:2520:4621:4622:46
Latton Bush Riddings Lane06:2006:4006:5507:1107:2607:415611264118:2618:5619:2620:4721:4722:47
Latton Bush Rundells Flats06:2106:4106:5607:1207:2707:425712274218:2718:5719:2720:4821:4822:48
Latton Bush Radburn Close06:2206:4206:5707:1407:2907:445914294418:2918:5919:2920:5021:5022:50
Latton Bush Pear Tree Mead06:2506:4507:0007:1607:3107:460116314618:3119:0119:3120:5221:5222:52
Bush Fair Latton Bush Shops06:2506:4507:0007:1607:3107:460116314618:3119:0119:3120:5221:5222:52
Bush Fair Centre06:2706:4707:0207:1807:3307:480318334818:3319:0319:3320:5421:5422:54
Tye Green The Fortunes--------07:3407:490419344918:3419:04--------
Tye Green Westfield--------07:3507:500520355018:3519:05--------
Tye Green St. Marks School--------07:3607:510621365118:3619:06--------
Harlow Leisure Centre--------07:3807:530823385318:3819:08--------
Harlow Town Centre Bus Station--------07:4107:561126415618:4119:11--------
Harlow Town Centre Bus Station06:3306:5307:1007:26----------------19:4121:0222:0223:02
Harlow Sports Centre--------------------------21:0422:04--
Harlow Town Railway Station--------------------------21:0722:07--

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