2 Horkesley Heath to Highwoods Bus Services - Arriva Buses
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Arriva in Herts and Essex

Woodhall Farm to Hemel Hempstead Town Centre

Includes peak service to the station

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Route Map

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Cupid Green Cuffley Court08:3009:30Then
Cupid Green Coleridge Crescent08:3009:303021:3022:30
Cupid Green Dunster Road08:3109:313121:3122:31
Cupid Green Denham Close08:3209:323221:3222:32
Cupid Green Arkley Road08:3209:323221:3222:32
Cupid Green Shenley Road08:3309:333321:3322:33
Cupid Green St Agnells Lane08:3409:343421:3422:34
Grovehill Dawley Court08:3409:343421:3422:34
Grovehill Basildon Square08:3509:353521:3522:35
Grovehill Turnpike Green08:3609:363621:3622:36
Grovehill Henry Wells Square08:3709:373721:3722:37
Grovehill Crawley Drive08:3709:373721:3722:37
Highfield Wensleydale08:3809:383821:3822:38
Highfield Westerdale08:3909:393921:3922:39
Highfield Bellgate Shops08:4009:404021:4022:40
Highfield Mercers08:4009:404021:4022:40
Highfield Queensway08:4109:414121:4122:41
Highfield Allandale08:4109:414121:4122:41
Highfield Fensomes Alley08:4209:424221:4222:42
Hemel Hempstead West Herts College08:4309:434321:4322:43
Hemel Hempstead Combe Street08:4409:444421:4422:44
Hemel Hempstead Marlowes08:4709:474721:4722:47
Hemel Hempstead Waterhouse Street08:4809:484821:4822:48
Hemel Hempstead Riverside08:5009:505021:5022:50
Two Waters Corner Hall08:5109:515121:5122:51
Frogmore End Seaton Road08:5109:515121:5122:51
Frogmore End Belswains Lane08:5209:525221:5222:52
Bennetts End Belmont Road08:5309:535321:5322:53
Bennetts End Oliver Rise08:5409:545421:5422:54
Nash Mills Primary School08:5609:565621:5622:56
Bennetts End Fairacre08:5609:565621:5622:56
Bennetts End Horselers08:5709:575721:5722:57
Bennetts End Great Elms Road08:5809:585821:5822:58
Bennetts End Shops08:5909:595921:5922:59

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