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Colchester North Station to Highwoods

Commuter service serving Severalls Park, Highwoods and St. John's

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Service Overview

New times for Colchester Service 11 from 18th March 2019

The times of commuter service 11 which is run on behalf of Essex County Council between Highwoods and Colchester North Station will be changed to improve reliability. You can see more details here.

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You can download here our service 11 timetable leaflet in PDF format. You can then print your own copy of the leaflet.

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Service Details

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Route Map

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Colchester Railway Station----06:1206:3206:5207:12
Colchester Bruff Close----06:1206:3206:5207:12
Mile End Easter Park----06:1906:3906:5907:19
Severalls Park Cuckoo Point----06:2206:4207:0207:22
Severalls Park Office Village----06:2406:4407:0407:24
Severalls Park Nat West----06:2406:4407:0407:24
Severalls Park Business Centre----06:2506:4507:0507:25
Colchester Crown Gate----06:2506:4507:0507:25
Colchester Cattle Market----06:2606:4607:0607:26
Colchester Trebor----06:2706:4707:0707:27
Highwoods Brinkley Lane----06:2706:4707:0707:27
Highwoods Gilberd School----06:2706:4707:0707:27
Highwoods Langdale Drive----06:2806:4807:0807:28
Highwoods Highwood Square05:5006:1006:2906:4907:0907:29
Highwoods Approach05:5006:1006:2906:4907:0907:29
Highwoods Rovers Tye05:5106:1106:3006:5007:1007:30
Colchester Arden Close05:5206:1206:3106:5107:1107:31
Colchester Delamere Road05:5206:1206:3106:5107:1107:31
Colchester Wilmington Road05:5306:1306:3206:5207:1207:32
Colchester St. Cyrus Road05:5406:1406:3306:5307:1307:33
Colchester St. John's Estate Shops05:5506:1506:3406:5407:1407:34
Colchester Anthony Close05:5506:1506:3406:5407:1407:34
Colchester Dunthorne Road05:5506:1506:3506:5507:1507:35
Colchester Parson's Heath05:5606:1606:3606:5607:1607:36
Colchester St. John's Road05:5606:1606:3606:5607:1607:36
Colchester Bromley Road05:5606:1606:3706:5707:1707:37
Colchester Hazelton Road05:5706:1706:3806:5807:1807:38
Colchester Goring Road East05:5806:1806:3906:5907:1907:39
Colchester Longcroft Road05:5806:1806:3906:5907:1907:39
Colchester St. Andrew's Gardens05:5906:1906:4007:0007:2007:40
Colchester BT Centre06:0106:2106:4207:0207:2207:42
Colchester Leisureworld06:0406:2406:4507:0507:2507:45
Colchester Catchpool Road06:0506:2506:4607:0607:2607:46
Colchester Railway Station Layby06:0706:2706:4807:0807:2807:48
Colchester Railway Station06:0806:2806:4907:0907:2907:49

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