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Arriva in Herts and Essex

Travelling around Hertford

Are you thinking about visiting Hertford? Perhaps you already live in this great town but need to get around without the hassle of parking or the expense of petrol? At Arriva we know travel and we know Hertford, so take a few moments and read through our carefully created guide to attractions and travelling in this great town.

Hertford's recorded history dates back to Saxon times when Theodor of Tarsus presided over the Church Synod of 673. It has grown from a fortified burgh at the time of the Norman Invasion to a modern prosperous town, playing host to kings and queens along the way.

In Cowbridge on the road to Bengeo is a blue plaque to the memory of Captain W E Johns, creator of the fictional hero Biggles. He lived here in Biggles House before moving less than a mile away in Molewood Road.

The countryside around Hertford offers ideal opportunities for walkers, either following established routes or simply exploring the lanes and flood meadows. Hertford is renowned for its large number of restaurants and pubs, as well as a vibrant arts, theatre and music scene.