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Travelling around Harpenden

Travelling around Harpenden

Harpenden is one of those small towns which manages to combine a village sense of community and way of life with the amenities of a larger town. It is situated amidst the lush rolling landscape of Hertfordshire, just 25 miles to the north of London.

It is this location which has helped to create the thriving town that Harpenden is today; close enough to London to operate as a commuter hub and provide a base for prosperous younger families, far enough away to offer the chance of a quieter, more relaxed way of life.

Harpenden has excellent direct road and rail links to London and neighbouring Luton and St Albans. Arriva bus services run from Harpenden to Luton (where connections to Luton Airport can be taken), St Albans and Watford.

Church in Harpenden

Although archaeological finds indicate the presence of Roman settlements in the area, the original Harpenden village was created when Westminster Abbey began clearing woodland in the locality to create land to use for farming. This dates back as far as 1221, the date of the first reference that’s been found to a parish church in the area. The arrival of the railway line in 1860 marked the moment at which farming began to give way to housing, and modern Harpenden gradually took shape.