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Arriva in Herts and Essex

Some ticket prices will be changing on 31st March 2019

22 March 19

Fares changes in Herts and Essex

We will be making changes to some single and most return ticket prices but will also be simplifying and extending some ticket zones to give added value to those travelling around our networks of services in Hertfordshire and Essex. Some day, weekly, 4-weekly and annual ticket prices will change but most will stay at current rates.

You can see the new prices here

Here are the changes, zone by zone:

All Zones ticket

The existing All Zones ticket which currently allows travel across Arriva routes in Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and some of our Essex services will be extended eastwards to include Braintree and our services around Colchester. It will, however, only be valid as far as Pield Heath Road at Uxbridge on Service 724 and will no longer be valid for travel to and from Heathrow Airport. The price of the weekly All Zones ticket will be reduced from £28 to £26 and a new Family Day ticket will be available costing £13.

Essex and Stortford zone

As a result of the wider area covered by the All Zones ticket, the existing Essex and Stortford zone will no longer apply, as that area will be covered by the All Zones ticket.

Orbit tickets

The Orbit range of tickets which cover Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and part of Hertfordshire will be extended to include the whole of Hertfordshire. There will be a small increase in prices of the day, weekly, 4-weekly and annual Orbit tickets.

West Herts zone

As the Orbit ticket will be covering the whole of Hertfordshire, the West Herts range of tickets will no longer be available.

North Herts and North Herts Plus zones

These will be adjusted so that just the North Herts Plus zone will be available. The existing prices for this zone will be reduced and for those who currently use the smaller North Herts zone tickets there will be a slight increase in price but with the benefit of being able to use the ticket over a much wider area.

Harlow zone

There will be small increases in the prices of the day, weekly, 4-weekly and annual Harlow tickets but they will be available on Services 66, 86 and 87 in addition to the local Harlow network, giving added value for money.

Harlow and Epping zone

No changes.

Hemel Hempstead zone

There will be no changes to prices but the ten-trip tickets for Services 1, 3 and 4 will be available as M-tickets on mobile phones, saving the need to pay cash for them on the bus.

Lea Valley zone

No changes to the prices but the zone will be extended to include Loughton, giving a wider area to travel across for the existing prices.

Southend zone

The 10-journey ticket will now be available as an m-ticket on mobile phones. The Day Saver ticket will increase from £4 to £4.20, and the Weekly Saver from £15 to £15.50.

Stevenage zone

The only change is that the Day Ticket will be £4.20 instead of £4.00.

Waltham Abbey zone

The only change is that the Day Ticket will be £4.20 instead of £4.00.

Watford zone

There is no change to the prices of the day, 4-weekly and annual tickets but the weekly ticket price will be £15.50 instead of £15.00 and the ten-trip ticket will rise from £22 to £23, except that it will remain at £15 for the Service 10 ten-trip ticket. All ten-trip tickets will also be available as M-tickets saving the need to pay cash for them on the bus.

Welwyn and Hatfield zone

The only change is that the northern boundary will be extended to Mardley Hill on the route of Services 300 and 301.