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Arriva in Herts and Essex

Changes to bus times in Harlow, Chelmsford and Hertford from 11th March 2018

We will be making some changes to our timetables in the Harlow, Chelmsford and Hertford areas that will include improvements to our services.

These include:

- Service 10 from Church Langley to Harlow to run more frequently on Mondays to Fridays
- Service 10 extended beyond Harlow to serve St. Margarets, Stansted Abbotts, Ware and Hertford on Mondays to Saturdays
- Additional Service 59 buses on Mondays to Fridays between Harlow and Chelmsford.

More details are shown below. Click the service headings to see the new timetables.

1: Harlow - Sumners - Katherines
The Monday to Saturday timetable will be revised to improve reliability.

10: Harlow – Church Langley
- The Monday to Friday timetable will be revised to give an improved fifteen-minute frequency during the main part of the day
- On Mondays to Saturdays, one bus an hour will be extended beyond Harlow to Hertford, serving Stansted Abbotts, St. Margarets, Great Amwell and Ware. This will give new links across Harlow and to Harlow Town Station
- This service will replace most of the current Service 724 journeys that run only between Harlow and Hertford.

59: Harlow - The Rodings - Chelmsford
Some additional buses will run on Mondays to Fridays between Harlow and Chelmsford Station, giving an earlier start to the service in the morning and with later last buses back to Harlow.

Greenline 724: Harlow - Hertford - St Albans - Uxbridge - Heathrow Airport
- With the exception of the 0655 bus from Hertford to Harlow, all other Monday to Saturday Service 724 buses that run only between Hertford and Harlow will be replaced by Service 10. This service currently runs between Harlow and Church Langley but will be extended from Harlow through to Stansted Abbotts, St. Margarets, Great Amwell, Ware and Hertford.
- There is no change to the main Service 724 buses that run through to Heathrow Airport.