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Arriva in Herts and Essex


Arriva has a choice of money-saving multi-journey tickets offering great value to Essex customers in the Herts and Essex region.

You can now pre-purchase your Day Saver, Weekly Saver and 4-Weekly Saver tickets using your mobile phone. It's easy and hassle-free. 

Find out more about m-tickets and download the m-ticket app now

Buying tickets

  • Buy Day Saver tickets from your driver or as an m-ticket on your mobile phone
  • Buy Weekly Saver tickets from your driver, as an m-ticket on your mobile phone or from your local shop if it's a PayPoint or Payzone outlet
  • Buy 4-Weekly Saver tickets from your driver, as an m-ticket on your mobile phone or from your local shop if it's a PayPoint or Payzone outlet. Or buy Arriva 4-Weekly Saver Tickets online.
  • Buy Annual Saver tickets as an m-ticket or online

Ticket prices

Prices from 21 May 2017 - buy on the m-ticket app or online and continue to pay the old prices until 30 June 2017
Southend Zone
  on-bus m-ticket and online m-ticket and online saving
Day Adult £3.90  £3.80 10p 
Child* £2.70  £2.60 10p 
Family £8.50 £8 50p
Weekly Adult £14.70 £14.50 20p
Child* £12 £12 No change 
4-Weekly Adult £48 £44 £4
Child* £36 £36 No change 
Annual Adult £480 £420 £60
Child* £360 £360 No change

Download a map of the Southend Zone

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Octopus prices from 21 May 2017 
Octopus tickets
Day Adult £4.50 
Child £3.20 
Weekly Adult £20
Child £15
4-Weekly Adult £56
Child £42
Annual Adult £560

* Children aged 14 and 15 who look older will need proof of age (Essex County Council Bite Card or a Citizencard). This will also apply to 16 year olds until the end of Year 11. Children aged 11, 12 or 13 do not need to show proof of age when buying child-rate tickets unless they look older than 13, in which case Arriva recommends that they buy a Faresaver Card which will be valid until they reach the end of Year 11.

Octopus tickets are valid for travel within Southend, Rochford and Castle Point districts. This area is bounded by the River Crouch to the north, the coast to the east and south and Sadlers Farm roundabout and the A1245 between Rettenden Turnpike and Carpenter's Arms in the west. They are valid on Arriva, First, NIBS, Regal Busways and Stephensons buses.

Terms of travel

  • Saver tickets can be used on any Arriva the Shires and Essex or Arriva Southern Counties buses or Green Line 724 coaches within the given zones, except certain contracted services or buses provided on behalf of Transport for London.
  • Saver tickets are not valid on Green Line services to and from London (that's Green Line 757 and 758). Please see our Green Line website for details of tickets on Green Line services to and from London.
  • Children under 5 travel free with Arriva. Child fares are available for children aged 5 to under 16.
  • Explorer (Herts, Beds, Bucks, Berks and West Essex) Family or Group tickets allow any four people to travel together.
  • Losing your ticket is like losing money. Day, Week and 4-Weekly Savers will not be replaced. We may at our discretion replace Annual tickets (which have photo ID) if lost or stolen, provided that the occurrence has been reported to the police and we are satisfied that the ticket cannot be used for travel by any other person. A charge will be made for any ticket replacement.