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Arriva in Herts and Essex

How our Saver zones work in Herts and Essex

We want to make sure that you get the best ticket deals available and we have a series of ticket zones where regular travellers can get discounted tickets.

A ‘Saver zone’ is the area in which you can use one of our money-saving Saver tickets. It might be the area in and around a town or a group of towns for example. You will be able to use your Saver ticket for any journeys wholly within that area. There will be bus stops designated as boundary points on bus routes that go beyond the zone and the Saver ticket won't be valid for journeys that go beyond those points.

So, for example, the Stevenage Saver Zone covers all of the Stevenage urban area. You can use Stevenage Saver tickets for any journeys on Stevenage town services like routes SB2 and SB3 to St Nicholas or routes SB4 and SB5 to Shephall and Broadwater.   

But they’re also valid for use on out-of-town services as far as specified ‘boundary points’. This means, for example, that a Stevenage Saver ticket is valid for use on route 55, the Stevenage - Letchworth bus, for any journeys in the section of route between the town centre and the Jacks Hill stop. You can see the various boundary points on maps of the Saver areas.

If your journey goes beyond the Stevenage Saver Zone boundary, to Hitchin or Letchworth for example, check out the North Hertfordshire Zone – this includes all of the Stevenage Zone plus Hitchin, Letchworth, Baldock and Stotfold.

For people travelling even further afield, or for journeys that aren’t within the other specific zones the Explorer and All Zones tickets can offer savings.