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Arriva in Herts and Essex

Buy Arriva bus tickets in Herts and Essex with the m-ticket app

All about the Arriva m-ticket app

Get on board Arriva buses in Herts and Essex with mobile ticketing. It's a secure, quick, easy and convenient way to buy Day, Weekly, 4-Weekly, Annual and Student Saver bus tickets.

Take a look at the video to find out how to download and use m-tickets.

The Arriva m-ticket app is available on two platforms – download now

Download for iPhone

Download for Android


You can buy your ticket whenever you like and keep it on your phone until you’re ready to start using it. That means that if your plans change, as long as you haven’t activated it, you can save your ticket for another day.

When you’re ready to travel don't forget to activate your m-ticket! To make life easier and save time, do remember to activate your m-ticket AND make sure it is displayed on your phone screen before your bus arrives.

You need to do this while connected to the internet, so the best place might be at home or work where you are more likely to have good WiFi or 3G signal. Once it has loaded (this will take only a few seconds), all you'll need to do is show your ticket to the driver and jump on board!

Check out a more detailed list of FAQs here.