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Sean ThomasDriver:  Sean Thomas

Age: 49

Where are you from?: Luton

Where do you live?: Aylesbury

How long have you worked for Arriva?: 5 years - but I took a break in between - I should never have left though!

What do you enjoy the most about being a bus driver?: The contact with peolpe. I love putting a smile on people's faces and helping people out when they get lost, helping them get to where they need to be, helping them call their mums to tell them where they are, it's good fun.

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?: I wanted to go in the Armed Forces originally, I spent a lot of time in the Cadets. But then rapid house parties happened and I decided they were more fun.

How do you feel about being nominated in the Made A Difference awards?: I'm absolutely ecstatic. A pat on the back from the company is what you work for, It's really nice for the work you do to be recognised.

What would it mean to you to win the overall award?: Again, absolutely ecstatic. I'm still grounded though, I know there are a lot of people at the company who are great. It's brilliant that it's the public who have nominated you for doing a good job. I just do my job the way I do because it makes life easier for everyone.

How do you think your passengers would describe you?: Funny and helpful, because I always aim for people to feel safe and secure on my bus and  I think people know I'll always help them.

What's your favourite route to drive?: The 280 because I've built a good rappport with most of the passengers on that route, and it's my bread and butter. But I often go to other depots and do work for them as well.

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