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John CoxDriver: John Cox

Age: 35

Where are you from?: Cannock

Where do you live?: Shareshill, Wolverhampton

How long have you worked for Arriva?: 13 years

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?: As a child, if you would have asked me a seven years old I would have said a bus driver. My dad worked at Cannock depot under the old Midland Red banner. A few of the experienced hands know him from way back when he worked there, so I guess it's in the blood.

How do you feel to be nominated in the Made a Difference awards?: I am truly gratefeul for being nominated for this award. I feel this has been my year, a breakthrough year. Not only for myself but for other people I have helped along the way. In my spare time I am a weight loss consultant and am happy to say that I've been able to help many people including my colleagues. Many of my colleagues and friends have been inspired by my hard work and determination, as I lost nearly 9 stone myself through the people I consult with, and are now doing something about their own health with fantastic results. My work and advice has helped one driver by reducing their medication with type 2 diabetes and for others, simply being able to move around a lot more and feeling good about themselves. I find this very rewarding and I am proud of them for taking my example. Working full-time at Arriva and doing my consulting work is hard work but I enjoy it! I am proud to represent the communities of Cannock, Stafford and surrounding area, so a big miassive thank you for the nomination!

What would it mean to you to win the overall award?: To win the M.A.D award would be absolutely amazing, even being nominated is an honour! But that doesn't mean I am going to rest up and take it easy. I will continue doing what I do best, and that's work hard and delivering the best customer service possible. So, if you see me on the road, please say hello and don't forget to vote for me!

How do you think your passengers would describe you?: My passengers would describe me as passionate, dedicated and an extremely friendly individual. It's qualities like these that make the paasengers' journey that extra bit special. I could be the only person they talk to all day, so I like to keep that in mind.

What's your favourite route to drive?: I have had the pleasure in driving for Tamworth and Telford depots as well as Cannock so I have quite a few favourites:

  • 1 (Dog in Tree - Walsall)
  • 2/2E (Hednesford - Cannock - Walsall)
  • 1B (Stafford - Baswich)
  • 3 (Cannock -Brownhills - Walsall)
  • 5 (Telford - Stafford)
  • 9 (Stafford - Highfields)
  • 12 (Stafford - Doxey)
  • 70/71 (Cannock - Wolverhampton)
  • 61/62 (Cannock - Lichfield)
  • 65 (Tamworth - Nuneaton)
  • 785 (Tamworth -Polesworth - Austrey)
  • 110 (Tamworth - Birmingham)
  • 825 (Stafford - Rugeley - Lichfield)

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