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Chris Price

Name: Christopher Price

Depot: Shrewsbury

Age: 49

Where are you from? I’m from a small Welsh village near Builth Wells

Where do you live? Shrewsbury

Do you have any children? I have 3 children: 2 girls and a boy. Kieran who is 20 years old and at university studying politics - a very bright lad with a great future in front of him. I have 2 girls: Brooke who is 11 going on 20 and full of attitude - got my hands full with that one - she is beautiful and my princess - and Emily who is 13 months old - she is amazing - I would like to say she has my looks - she has the most amazing smile who every time she sees me she gives me the biggest hug - a daddy's girl methinks lol.

How long have you worked for Arriva? I have worked for Arriva for almost 14 years. There are not many jobs that I can say that you have 100% job satisfaction but I can safely say, hand on heart, this is my perfect job. I love the job and working for Arriva.

Is this first time you have worked for Arriva? Yes this is the first time I have worked for Arriva.

What do you enjoy most about being a bus driver? I love being a bus driver - a new challenge every day meeting different people and regulars who see you every day that you bond with. Working together as one team, one goal, we are like a family at Shrewsbury depot helping each other best we can looking out for each other.

What did you want to be when you grew up? I wanted to be a chef when I was growing up but realised my cooking was terrible so had to choose a different path.

What was your first job? Have you had any previous careers and, if so, why the change? My first job was in a timber yard at 16 - hard work and long hours. But I always gave 100%. I left there to join the army - the Welsh Guards for 3 years - I wanted to better myself see the world like any young man wanted. I left the army to go back to the timber yard but soon realised it was a dead end job with no chance of promotion or to further my career. My next job was in the nightclub business where I started off as a barman and made my way up to assistant manager which I enjoyed. I enjoyed the challenge that being a manager faces on a daily basis. I felt I needed more of a challenge and a fresh start, so when an opportunity arose to work at Arriva as a bus driver I liked the idea of driving around meeting new people and it would quench my thirst for a new challenge - something to get my teeth stuck into. And I have worked here ever since and rose to the ranks of RDM. I love the job - it’s a different challenge every day but we are one big family at Shrewsbury depot. We are a great team at Shrewsbury. And I look to further my career further when the chance arises.

How do you feel about being nominated? When I first found out that I was nominated I was shell-shocked and speechless and that doesn’t happen very often! I was like are you sure you have the right Chris Price? I’m a very humble man, I don’t do things for accolades or for awards - I do my job to the best ofmy ability and with 110% commitment, passion and enthusiasm. I try to lead by example which I believe any manager and driver should be like.

What would it mean to win this award? It would mean so much to win this award. Not just for me but for Shrewsbury depot in whole we have a great team spirit here runs through the support staff, through the engineering and drivers, all the way up to the management. I truly believe that is why Shrewsbury garage is a success that it is and that our team spirt and ethic is second to none and to have a great depot that is a basis that you have to have.

How do you think the passengers describe you? Well I have been told that I'm the happy driver by one passenger. I treat people and passengers how I expect to be treated myself - with respect and with a smile words of 'how are you today' and 'can I help you with anything' and as they disembark off the bus a 'have a great day' goes a long way. We are in a customer service based industry and giving the passengers and paying public great customer service is a must. The drivers are the face of Arriva - the front line troops so to speak - that face the public every day so how they act how they respond to the public is what I feel is how the public see Arriva.

What is your favourite route to drive? I love the Hanley route - the 64 and 164. I drove this route for almost 9 years you get to meet amazing and great people some who become friends and keep in touch with me even now saying they miss me on that route.

How do you think the bus system helps the local community? It helps the elderly and less fortunate people who can’t afford a car to go shopping and socialise. It helps children to get to and from school and people who go to and from work. It brings people together who perhaps wouldn’t if there wasn’t a bus service. It helps to build bonds and bridges between local communities.

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