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Callum Hussey

Name: Callum Hussey

Depot: Stevenage

Age: 19

Where are you from? Stevenage

Where do you live? Stevenage

Do you have any children? No

How long have you worked for Arriva? About 7-8 months

Is this your first job with Arriva? Yes

What do you enjoy most about being a bus driver? I enjoy helping customers get from A to B via public transport. I also enjoy meeting new people.

What did you want to be when you grew up? I wanted and still would like to become a police officer.

Is this your first job? No, this is not my first job. I was a car valeter for about 3 years. I changed job as I wanted to become a professional driver and gain a bigger driving licence.

How do you feel about being nominated for a MAD award? I feel quite proud to know that people appreciate what I do and think that I am a kind and caring person.

What would it mean to win the overall award? It would make me feel proud and happy that I have accomplished something that I’ve never done before.

How do you think your passengers describe you? I think that customers would describe me as a kind and caring man who looks out to help others when possible.

What is your favourite route to drive? I don’t have a favourite route to drive as I like to drive all of them.

How do you think the bus system helps your local community? I think it helps the local community by helping people get to where they need to go via public transport which is also helping have cleaner air for us all to live with and also helps with traffic congestion as there is not as many cars on the road.

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