Stop and Stay

Cross the road the safe way

Arriva launches a safety campaign to encourage children to cross the road safely

Arriva has made a road safety booklet and posters in a bid to encourage children aged up to 16 to stop and stay at the kerb before they cross the road.

On average, a child is involved in a collision after getting off an Arriva bus once every three months in Merseyside.

At this time of year, children will be preparing to go back to school and some of them will be taking the bus to and from school for the first time. 

Arriva has made a booklet, which schools will be sharing with pupils, highlighting the need for staying alert when crossing the road.

See below for links to download a booklet and posters for helpful tips and advice

The bus operator has also launched posters on buses, so that children can see the dangers of crossing the road without looking.

Matthew Mort, risk manager, said: “It’s really important that schoolchildren listen to our clear message: don’t leave the bus and go running in front of it – stop and stay.

“Wait for the bus to leave and then cross the road in a safe way.

“We understand that you’re in a hurry to get to school or to get home, but if you wait just a moment it could save your life.

“I’d also encourage any parents or carers to speak to reiterate the dangers of crossing the road without waiting and looking and make sure their kids are clear about how they should cross the road safely.

“There’s lots of practical tips and advice in our booklet, so I’d recommend you start there.”


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