Easter Bunny Bunting

Get Easter ready and make some Easter Bunny bunting with the kids!

Make sure your house is looking Easter ready with our Easter Bunny bunting craft!

Choose between 2 downloads. Our blank bunting is great for those that want to colour in and design themselves and our pastel download is perfect for those that want to print and go.

Download options

  1. Blank bunting download
  2. Pastel bunting download

Easter Bunny bunting instructions

  1. Download and print out your chosen PDF 
  2. If you have chosen the blank PDF, colour in your rabbits.
  3. Carefully and individually cut out each rabbit. If this activity is being done by children, please ensure this step is completed by an adult or supervised by one. 
  4. Flip your rabbits over to their blank side. 
  5. Carefully place your string across the rabbit’s ears in a straight line.
  6. Use thin strips of Sellotape or alternatively use Blu-tac to secure the string in place on the paper rabbits.
  7. Flip your rabbits back to forward facing.
  8. In preparation for adding the rabbit tails on, add a small dot of glue to the lower centre of each rabbit. 
  9. Make a fluffy looking tail for your rabbits by using cotton wool, small pompoms or scrunched up tissue paper. Place your tails on the dot of glue and leave to dry. 
  10. String up your rabbit bunting securely and voila – you have the perfect Easter Bunny bunting! 

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