Bus route

X65 Tamworth to Lichfield

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Lichfield City Centre Bus Station
Tamworth Town Centre Corporation St
Tamworth Boot Inn
The Leys Sunset Close
The Leys Bradford Street
The Leys Gagarin
Lichfield Road Industrial Estate Downing Drive
Lichfield Road Industrial Estate Buckingham Road
The Leys Footpath
Coton 1 Buckingham Road
Coton Fox Inn
Hopwas The Tame Otter PH
Hopwas Plantation Lane
Hopwas Packington Lane
Hopwas Hill
Botany Bay Common Barn Farm
Botany Bay Common Lane
Freeford Horse and Jockey PH
Darnford Ryknild Street
Borrowcop Hill Wheel Cottage
Borrowcop Hill Quarry Hills Lane
Borrowcop Hill Laburnham Court
Borrowcop Hill Borrowcop Lane
Borrowcop Hill King Edward School
Lichfield Cherry Orchard
Borrowcop Hill Ashmole Close
Boley Park Heritage Court
Boley Park The Turnpike PH
Boley Park Centre
Boley Park Abbotsford Road
Boley Park Henderson Close
Boley Park Boley Close
Lichfield Maxwell Close
Lichfield City Centre Bus Station