Bus route and timetables

X4/X4A Middlesbrough to Whitby

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Whitby Bus Station
Whitby Pannett Park
Whitby Chubb Hill Road
West Cliff Chubbhill Harrisons Garage
West Cliff Westgate Roundabout
West Cliff Blenheim Avenue
High Stakesby White House Bridge
High Stakesby Sandfield House Caravan Park
Newholm Whitby Golf Club
Sandsend Raithwaite Hall
Sandsend Sandhills
Sandsend The Hart Inn
Sandsend Hotel & Garage
Sandsend Lythe Bank Bottom
Lythe Red Lion
Lythe Goldsborough Lane End
East Barnby Road End
West Barnby Road End
Mickleby Road
Ellerby Hotel
Runswick Bay Hotel
Hinderwell Runswick Lane
Hinderwell War Memorial
Port Mulgrave Hinderwell School
Dalehouse Captain Cooks Close
Boulby Potash Mine Boulby Mine
Boulby Lane End
Boulby Ings Farm
Easington All Saints' Church
Easington Tiger Inn
East Loftus Foulsyke Farm
East Loftus Victoria Garage
Loftus Market Place
Loftus Dundas Street
Loftus West End Post Office
Loftus Cliff Crescent
Skinningrove Bank Foot
Carlin How War Memorial
Carlin How Coronation Street
Carlin How Craggs Hall Roundabout East
Brotton Craggs Hall Roundabout West
Brotton The Green Tree
Brotton The Queens Arms
Brotton Methodist Church Centre
Brotton Chestnut Grove
Brotton Laurel Crescent
Brotton Coach Road Playing Field
Brotton Marshall Drive
Brotton Coach Road North End
Saltburn Coastguard Cottages Lane End
Saltburn The Ship
Saltburn Bank Foot
Saltburn The Zetland
Saltburn Station
Saltburn Emmanuel Church
Saltburn The Chine
Saltburn Queensway
Saltburn Hill Equestrian
Marske The Zetland Hotel
Marske Roundabout
Marske St Bede's Primary Catholic Voluntary Academy
Marske Barnes Wallis Way
Marske Cleveland View
Redcar Wheatlands Farm
Redcar Trevarrian Drive
Redcar Cormorant Drive
Redcar The Hampstead
Redcar Saltscar
Redcar Goodwood Road
Redcar Rye Hills Academy
Redcar Borough Park
Redcar St Thomas Grove
Redcar St John's Grove
Redcar Aske Road
Redcar The Plimsoll Line
Redcar Moore Street
Redcar Town Clock
The Coatham Surgery
Coatham The Lobster
Coatham Roundabout
Redcar Derwent Road
Dormanstown Gordon Road
Dormanstown Abercrombie Road
Dormanstown Fawcus Court
Dormanstown Ennis Square
Dormanstown Broadway West
Dormanstown International East Gate
Middlesbrough Gurney House
Middlesbrough Bus Station Stand 11