Bus route

X27 from Scotton Kemmel Lines to Faverdale Aldi Distribution Centre
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Faverdale Aldi Distribution Centre
Scotton Kemmel Lines
Scotton Goodwood Road
Scotton Loos Road
Hipswell Cunningham Road
Hipswell Medical Centre
Hipswell Hildyard Mews
Hipswell Albermarle Drive
Hipswell Road
Hipswell Village
Hipswell St Oswalds Crossroads
Catterick Garrison Dane Road
Catterick Garrison Tesco Superstore
Catterick Garrison Gough Road
Catterick Garrison Shute Road
Catterick Garrison Somerset Close
Catterick Garrison Essex Close
Catterick Garrison Warwick Close
Catterick Garrison Rutland Close
Catterick Garrison Cambrai Crossroads
Catterick Garrison Wardrop Road
Catterick Garrison St Oswalds Crossroads
Hipswell St Oswalds
Hipswell Rawlinson Road
Sandbeck Haig Road
Holly Hill Old Road
Holly Hill Rimington Avenue
Sleegill Old Station
Sleegill Station Road
Richmond Market Place
Richmond Friary Gardens
Richmond Queens Road
Richmond Pottergate
Richmond Gallowgate Bottom
Richmond Darlington Road
Easby Fontenay Road
Easby Cross Lanes
Easby Ronaldshay Drive
Skeeby Travellers Rest
Skeeby Springfield
Middleton Tyas Scotch Corner Hotel
Middleton Tyas Scotch Cnr Services North Slip
Barton Waterfall Terrace
Barton Silver Street
Barton C of E School
Barton St Cuthberts Green
Newton Morrell Village
Stapleton The Bridge Inn
Blackwell House
Blackwell Grange Hotel
West End South Park
West End Blackwell Lane
West End Sainsbury's
Darlington Town Hall
Darlington Tubwell Row
Darlington Four Riggs
Darlington Maude Street
Darlington Holy Trinity Church
Pierremont St Teresa's Hospice
Pierremont Crescent
Pierremont Dene Grove
Cockerton Library
Cockerton Brinkburn Road
Cockerton Laing Street
Cockerton Auckland Oval
Faverdale Beck House
Faverdale Westgate Crescent
West Park John Fowler Way
West Park Holderness Drive
West Park Hospital
West Park Holderness Drive
High Grange
Faverdale Argos
Faverdale Aldi Distribution Centre