Bus route and timetables

X16 Aylesbury to Bicester Village

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Bicester Village Station
Aylesbury Bus Station
Aylesbury Morrisons
Aylesbury Goodwin Road
Aylesbury Gatehouse Close
Quarrendon Estate Stonehaven Road
Quarrendon Estate Devereux Place
Aylesbury Rabans Lane
Aylesbury Berryfields Lane
Berryfields Sir Henry Lee Crescent
Fleet Marston Putlowes
Fleet Marston Farm
Fleet Marston Cranwell Gate
Waddesdon Crossroads
Waddesdon Anstey Close
Waddesdon Baker Street
Waddesdon The Lion PH
Westcott Turn
Woodham Industrial Estate
Woodham Ham Farm
Kingswood Crossroads
Graven Hill Rodney House
Bicester Village Station
Bicester Village Station