Bus route

S98 from Hitchin Hermitage Road to Baldock Market Place

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Baldock Market Place
Hitchin Hermitage Road
Hitchin Verulam Road
Hitchin Railway Station
Hitchin North Herts College
Hitchin Walsworth Cross Roads
Hitchin Queenswood Drive
Letchworth Rosehill Hospital
Letchworth Highfield
Letchworth Hitchin Road
Letchworth Sollershott Roundabout
Letchworth Parker Close
Letchworth Campers Avenue
Letchworth Station Way
Letchworth Railway Station West
Letchworth Railway Station East
Letchworth Rushby Mead
Letchworth Arden Press Way
Letchworth Dunhams Lane
Letchworth Fourth Avenue
Letchworth Third Avenue
Letchworth Sainsbury's
Letchworth Leisure Centre
Letchworth Jubilee Road
Baldock Hopewell Road
Baldock The Gardens
Baldock Market Place