Bus route

S641 from Madginford Egremont Road Shops to Linton Cornwallis Academy
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Linton Cornwallis Academy
Madginford Egremont Road Shops
Madginford Merton Road
Downswood Foxden Drive
Downswood Horton Downs
Downswood Gorham Drive
Downswood Pennine Way
Downswood Horton Downs
Downswood Foxden Drive
Shepway Greenfields
Senacre Wood Willington Street Post Office
Park Wood Willington Street
Shepway Sutton Woods
Shepway Sutton Road Morrisons
Shepway Sutton Road Police HQ
Shepway Grove Road
Shepway Mangravet Avenue
Shepway Longfield Place
Shepway Sutton Road Cemetery
Shepway The Wheatsheaf
Maidstone Fire Station
Maidstone The Swan
Loose Anglesey Avenue
Loose Norrington Road
Loose The Walnut Tree
Old Loose Hill
Loose Nursing Home
Loose Rosemount Close
Linton Salt's Avenue
Linton Corner
Linton Cornwallis Academy