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9 Liverpool to Huyton

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Liverpool Queen Square Bus Station
Liverpool Queen Square Bus Station
Liverpool Fraser Street
Liverpool Pembroke Place
Liverpool Epworth Street
Kensington Low Hill
Kensington Leopold Road
Kensington Grantham Street
Kensington Romer Road
Kensington Onslow Road
Newsham Park Holland Street
Kensington Prescot Drive
Stanley Newton Road
Stanley Cheadle Avenue
Stanley Swan Street
Old Swan Ashton Street
Old Swan Fitzgerald Road
Old Swan Black Horse Lane
Old Swan Chatterton Road
Knotty Ash Alder Hey Hospital
Knotty Ash Eaton Road
Knotty Ash Newenham Crescent
Dovecot Avenue
Dovecot Adcote Road
Dovecot Page Moss Lane
Dovecot Ancroft Road
Page Moss Windsor Road
Page Moss Beechburn Crescent
Page Moss Woodlands Road
Roby Sergrim Road
Roby Kingsway
Roby Stanley Road
Knowsley Westmorland Road
Huyton Bus Station
Knowsley Huyton Hey Road
Knowsley Hey Park
Huyton Attlee Road
Huyton St Gabriels Avenue
Huyton Hillcrest Avenue
Huyton Longview Drive
Huyton Quarry Hardie Road
Knowsley Hurst Park Drive
Knowsley Edenfield Crescent
Knowsley Wellcroft Road
Longview Wastle Bridge Road
Longview Nyland Road
Longview Parbrook Road
Woolfall Heath Fairclough Road
Woolfall Heath Stockbridge Lane
Fincham Page Moss Avenue
Dovecot Ashover Avenue
Dovecot Somerford Road
Dovecot Avenue
Dovecot Churchdown Grove
Dovecot Pilch Bank Road
Knotty Ash Thomas Lane
Knotty Ash Rudyard Road
Broadgreen Queens Drive
Old Swan Belfast Road
Old Swan Bell Street
Stanley Bolan Street
Old Swan Herrick Street
Stanley Barrymore Road
Stanley Endsleigh Road
Kensington Prescot Drive
Kensington Holland Street
Elm Park Lilley Road
Kensington Kelso Road
Kensington Hawkins Street
Kensington Gwenfron Road
Kensington Guelph Place
Liverpool Epworth Street
Liverpool Greek Street
Liverpool Queen Square Bus Station

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