Bus route

9 from Ormesby Centurion to Middlesbrough Bus Station Stand 11
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Ormesby Centurion
Ormesby Moorbeck Way
Ormesby Crossbeck Way
Ormesby Ellerbeck Way
Ormesby Spencerbeck Farm
Ormesby Stapleford Road
Ormesby Roundabout - High Street
Ormesby The Crescent
Park End Priestfield Shops
Park End Croxden Grove
Park End Sandringham Road
Park End Kelvin Grove
Berwick Hills Ormesby Grange Care Home
Berwick Hills Morrisons
Berwick Hills Norfolk Place Shopping Centre
Berwick Hills Dionysia Road
North Ormesby The Buccaneer
North Ormesby Working Mens Club
North Ormesby Market Place
Middlesbrough Bus Station Stand 11
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